Metz 60 CT-1 Battery Alternatives

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by michael_lee|18, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. I own Metz 60 CT-1 and have the Metz 60 CT-1/2 battery pack, I've had
    problems with the battery holding it's charge. Instead of buying
    another new battery, I've been thinking about changing battery packs
    and getting a Quantum Power Pack or something similar. Does anyone
    have a reccomendations on a good pack to use, that is compatable with
    the Metz 60 CT-1? I like the idea of a power pack that doesn't have
    a memory, and is easier to carry around than the large Metz battery

    Thanks for any suggestions,
  2. If you have the NiCd battery for the 60 series get the Gel Cell battery.

    Or simply get rid of the memory effect by discharging the pack, under the
    proper load, and recharging it 3 or 4 times.
  3. Get the "dryfit" battery, its a gel cell type battery. No memory, can be topped off jut before you need it. When you switch, there's a "tab" that must be switched inside the battery housing, takes couple seconds.
  4. Only get the dryfit if you use the flash regularly. That battery is "use it or lose it". One of the reasons I never bought a Metz 60-series, much as I liked it, was that there was no disposable-battery option for occasional use.
  5. Sorry to say but this is why I went with the 45 series and not the 60 when I started with Metz. Not to many choices with the 60.
  6. Short-term, follow Mr. Solomon's advice. Long-term, get the dry-fit. I have both a 60 and a 45. I use the 45 when I don't need the power of the 60, & when I don't want the inconvenience of the external pack, as well as taking it along as a back-up for the 60. (Though the 60 is so reliable, I've never needed to use the 45 in the back-up role.) The 60 with dry-fit is good for lots and lots of full-power flashes, and like the other poster said, you can top it off just before using it without worrying about memory effect. With the nicads in the 45, I have to remember to drain them all the way when I am done, then recharge them just before use to avoid having to deal with the memory effect.
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. I ended going with a Metz 45 series flash. I think it will work nicely for me.

    Again, thanks for the responses!

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