Metz 45 CT 5/Nikon F3

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by martin_pistor, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Hi folks,
    maybe one of you is experienced with that combination of old stuff.
    Whereas I do only own a service manual but not a users manual of the
    CT 5 I`m rather sure, it`s prepared for ttl use. Owning a C60 SCA
    Adaptor, wich fits the F3 I only lack to know wich setting of the
    flash will work in this mode. M,C,W ???
  2. The answer is all of them. The "C" settings are your selected F/stop. So if you place the "C" stting at F/8 on the Metz, place the lens at f/8 as well. All of the "C" settings are for the automatic mode. "M" stands for manual flash and a flash meter is required unless youreally believe the GN. "W" is a manual flash mode used with winders.
  3. Hi Kevin,
    thank you so far. This would mean, only the CT5 Standart modes apply, the same way as using just the single pin sync cord (camera starts flash, and flash runs full power (M), reduced power (W) or controlled by the cell internal to the flash (C1,2,3,4) ). What I doesn`t know is: for the C60 at least takes all three pins, there should be a TTL-Flash operation (camera starts and stops flashlight according to flash measurement in camera). This operation mode is not documented in the flash manual, for the SCA Adaptor is newer, and I lack the manual for this.
    Any further idea?

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