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  1. I posted a photograph in February 2013, titled "UNTITLED". I want to search its "metadata" or date when I took the photo to find it in my files since I need to enlarge it but I cannot find it after days of doing all sorting and searches in my files. I would only need some piece of data to try to find it. Any help on how to obtain metadata from the image posted in Photo Net. I will greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you. Daniel Gorinstein.
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    If you find and download the image to a file or folder on your computer, and your software will show you Metadata, you're home free. Just tested with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Worked.
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    What Sandy wrote -

    When you open your own library, you see a 'download' icon bottom left of each image.



    Alternatively, if you selected "save" for the Metadata when you uploaded the image, then you use the "Settings" menu for the image and select "Edit Details".

    When the edit menu pops up, you can see the metadata that you saved when you uploaded the image, at the bottom left:

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