Metabones Speed Booster For Canon FD

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  1. Yesterday I received my Metabones Speed Booster for Canon FD and Fujifilm X mount from B&H in New York City. Here in Japan the FD version is unavailable at the good discount places and costs almost twice the U.S. price at the the obscure online outlets. B&H was easy to work with and their delivery was fast. I cannot say enough good things about B&H. Let repeat that. I cannot say enough good things about B&H.

    The Speed Booster, essentially a reverse telephone adapter, gives you almost the equivalent of full frame. (A 20mm lens would come out as 21.5 on a x1.5 camera.) It also booster your f-stops by one stop, hence the name.

    For full frame, I've been using my FD lenses on my Leica M 240, which has been somewhat awkward. Now l'll be able shoot digitally with greater speed and not have to worry about my external EVF falling off.

    The Speed Booster will not take FL, so those lenses will continue with the M20. I'll use the FDn 17/4 on the M240 as well. I need that extra millimeter.

    When February comes around I hope I'll have a few interesting Speed Booster shots to share. And no, I am not abandoning by Canon film cameras!
  2. The Canon FDn 85/1.2 L + Metabones Speed Booster + Fujifilm W-E2. DSC_7452-X-E2 + FD MSB small-1.jpg
  3. Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing some pics from that lens/booster/camera combo.
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  4. Thanks, Jim!

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