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  1. Hi,
    my Nikon camera stopped reading the card after I did the photos. How can I recoved them?
    I mean, I did nothing special, did not take the card out or something, just after taking some photos it said that it is damaged and to use other. It is still saying that.
    My SD card reader is not recognised either.
    I am in Warsaw at Novotel, they told me that the next photo shop where they can help me is at the edge of the city, quite far.
    thank you and kind regards
  2. Can you give us some more details as to which Nikon it is, the card manufacturer etc?
    When you say 'the card reader is not recognised', I guess you mean the card is not recognised by the reader?
    There is readily available software to recover 'lost' images, some of them over-ride the 'not recognised' error message. I happen to use Sandisk Rescue-Pro.
    If you're on holiday, buy another card, keep shooting and deal with the lost files later. It's unlikely to be a camera fault, just a card fault. You should be able to buy cards more easily than find a camera-shop!
  3. I believe the Novotel is about half way between the Chopin's airport and the city center.
    You can get new cards, or advice on camera, in 2 places: Mokotow Galeria - not actually far from Novotel, or the Zlote Tarasy shopping center in the center of Warsaw - perhaps easier city bus travel.
    Best bet is the Galeria Mokotow.
    It used to be Canon center in the Galeria Mokotow, but changed profile and is now a Nikon, yet continues with Canon as well.
    Taking a taxi would cost you about 20 to 30 Polish money ($7 to $10), if they do not do the "round trip" on a foreigner.
    Take a city bus, and get bus pass inside the bus asking the bus driver. Possibly in the hotel lobby they could have a kiosk and public transportation tickets.
    Ask people, they usually know English.
    Since you have a computer with you, use Google Maps or Mapquest and see the map and directions.
    The Nikon Service Center is across from the Mokotow Galeria, about 10 minutes walk across large intersection.
  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your answers.
    I guess is the problem of the card, but not really of the card, of the card reader. I bought the card in Hungary because I forgot home my cable and in the shop they told me a card reader is better. Already there people noticed that it is not closing properly, and now I see that there are some scratches on those metal parts of the card. However, a cable wouldn't help either because the camera says that the card has a mistake ... The card reader is Marco Polo and it was bought in Pecs. On the card it is written "integral" and . The card was bought in February and the card reader in August this year. Now I bought a Lexar. Really the XD card for the Fuji had no problems in 5 years.
    No, I am not on holiday, and this is the problem. I was supposed to be at a conference, the conference started at 10 and Saturn opened at 10 as well. I woke up today at 5 to get breakfast at 6 30 and take the pictures. I am leaving tomorrow (I am reimbursed 2 nights, tomorrow the plane is at 22 30 but it gets dark earlier) so no idea if I have time to take them again (although it took just 1 h and 30 min to see the buildings). Now I have to wait for the cofee break to enter the conference, but I will try to see the other buildings and leave these for tomorrow if I am lucky to get up similarly early.
    Unfortunately I had on the card also pictures from the social event yesterday.
    No, people really don't speak english, not at Saturn, not at the conference, not in the bus, I am constantly loosing 10-20 min asking for directions (even at the hotel).
  5. did you try to re-formate ?
  6. well, if I reformate then the pictures surely get lost, not?
    I went today in the lunch break again to take them, but light at noon is worse than at 7 am :(

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