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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by arimus, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. I know at one point 20D's used to have problems with certain (inc. Lexar) memory
    cards - is this still the case as I'm about to get another batch and don't want
    to buy something my 20d will have a problem with.
    Currently I'm looking at either Lexar's 133x range or the Sandisk Ultra III's...
  2. It's no longer a problem.
  3. I'm not familiar about the problem you mentioned, but I've been using my Sandisk Ultra IIs with zero problems for three years.
  4. I had a Lexar Pro (80x I think) that died on me after 3 or 4 months of use. If that wasn't bad enough, their support and return policy are garbage... I wound up just trashing the card. I would recomend the Sandisk.
  5. I have the Lexar 133x 2G and it died a few times I dont know why It was a couple month's old in the drawer now, I have now switched Sandisk no problems in the last 6 month's...
  6. i'd got with the sandisk too i'm a complete convert, however do you mean the ultra II or extreme III? i didn't think there was an ultra III?
  7. Im useing Sandisk Extrem III 2G and 1G
  8. i have two 1gb Sandisk Ultra 2's and i've never had a single problem with either of them, they've served me very well on my 20d

    i've also had a lexar (maybe a 40x, not sure) 256mb, don't use it much, but when i do, i never have a problem with it, but in general i stick with my sandisk

    When i'm shooting at the 5fps, i'm not really sure whether it's the buffer or the card's transfer speed that max's out first, though i rarely have a problem, though that's just my shooting style, you may need the extra speed of the extreme 3 or 4

    hope this helps

  9. This whole thing with compatibility with CF cards is like the problem with the first batch of EOS 3 bodies underexposing ... that was around 1997 but every now and then someone still pops up and asks if it's a problem.
    Canon and Lexar both issued firmware updates to fix this. I think that was about a year ago. You can update your 20D's firmware yourself. The Lexar firmware update required the cards to be sent in. You can check on their site which cards were affected, but if you're buying a brand new card, you'll be OK, and I'm not even sure that 133x cards existed until after this problem had already been solved. Not that the 20D can actually write anywhere near 133x, anyway; according to Galbraith's testing, it tops out at about 40x (even with an 80x or 133x card).
  10. CF cards are commodities. Get the one, any brand with the capacity and speed you need.

    They're like soybeans!
  11. I agree. I doubt brand names have much to do with anything when it comes to memory cards right now. I know Lexar had an incompatability issue that they delt with in the past, but it's not an issue now.

    FWIW, I have had two Sandisk cards fail completely. One just died completely and could not be accessed again, and the other developed a bad sector where after the 26th image from my 20D would insist on a reformat every time. So I stopped buying Sandisk. I've only had one Lexar and not had a problem with it. Now I buy cheapest cards I can find on the net because they cost less and I won't feel so bad when they fail. So far I've not had any issues with them though. Go figure.

    I suspect brand names have nothing to do with reliability at this stage of development, but it certainly would be great if there was a master list of failure rates somewhere. We'd probably find out that MicroDrives are the most relaible memory device after all. :)
  12. Thanks for the answers... I'm going to get a 40x (or the closest speed over which I can get) and get a bigger card instead of faster.
  13. Richard, Memory card speed over 50X is fine but where the faster speed cards help is in downloading time. If you are filling up a 4gb card your computer downloading time can be up to 2hrs with slow cards. I use 80X+ cards. I like the Sandisk brand. LOL, Bill
  14. I use RiData Cards and have never had one fail on me.

    They are cheap 4Gig for $92.00, and they write at 150x.
  15. Just checked and the prices on these cards have dropped.

    Check them out here.;jsessionid=ac112b6c1f43701d668480754b64ae53aa74be4303ca.e3eTaxiMa38Te3mKahqPax0Pb41ynknvrkLOlQzNp65In0?sc=2&category=773
  16. Ro Galbraith hass put some good numbers together

  17. The only card that's ever failed on me was an expensive Lexar 80x. I've recently added a couple of the Ridata 150x 2GB cards, and they've performed flawlessly.
  18. Think I'll stick to a Sandisk Ultra II - managed to get a 2GB one for ?20 + p&p
  19. I just got myself a brand new Rebel XTi. I exchange my old 300d for a few $$$ and give two 256MB CF CARD to the new owner and keep a 1 GB Lexar pro (80x) to fit my new cam. I shoot a few pict without any problem. Then I whent on photo-safari with my girlfriend in "and around" a city garden.
    I took about 100 pictures before the CF card stop responding... I learned later... t'was death!
    Meanwhile, I enter the nearest store "open on that sunday" to get another card and continue the safari. I found another 1 GB Lexar CF (80x)...
    Back home, I contact Lexar, exhange a few words with them and got myself a RMA number. I will return the death CF card tomorrow.
    I hope it's just one bad CF card. But... after what I have read her and elsewher on the Internet, I'm a little afraid that the my new Lexar CF do the same thing as her sister... That not reassuring

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