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  1. I've renewed my membership for the 5th year and was wanting my little blue 4 icon to change to the green 5 icon. Is that possible?
  2. I was wondering why you have renewed your membership. From what I have been reading on many old members are looking for a new site. They don't appear to be happy with the way is being run. Maybe I am wrong?
  3. Mark is deleted, so how would he know?
    Actually, in answer to the OP- it takes time for the icon to change, and it is linked, I think, to the day you joined rather than the renewal, per se.
    I'm a fairly old (in any sense you care to make it) member, and I think that the old ones I know are sticking with the site. It's the callow youth who are falling away, if even that is true.
    I will say that from time to time, moderation has sometimes been humorless and harsh; but that has always applied somewhere on the site, just different places at different times.
    At the same time, however, the moderation of the forums has made this site much more useful than many other photography-oriented sites, and I really don't know of anyplace quite like the Classic Manual Forum.
  4. Mark:
    I think your reading of the posts in question is a bit skewed. Certainly there are some "old members" looking for another site. "Many" is an exaggeration. Seems to me that veteran members (hopefully, including myself) are looking for Admin to do at least the following: (1) to be more responsive to members'/subscribers' concerns, and (2) to be more open and informative about plans for retooling the site.
  5. Kyle - Looks like you registered with the site on 07/15/11 so my guess would be that your 5 year icon should appear on 07/15/2015 (assuming thing work logically!). I presume that your "year" changes on each anniversary of that date. So you'd get 2 years on 07/15/12 etc. I presume this is done automatically via the user database. It doesn't matter when you renew or how long you renew for, it just depends on the date when you first registered on the site. If you registered on 1/1/2000 and you subscribed today, I believe you'd get a 10+ icon. It's registration that counts, not time as a subscriber.

    As for Mark and his less than useful comment, well, the less said the better.

    Michael - I'd hope to see more official word about " 2.0" in 2015, but I have no control (or influence) over that. I can tell you that a working Beta test version of 2.0 does exist, so progress is being/has been made. I have no idea if or when a switchover will be made or what user concerns it will address.
  6. Mark, some of us who care a lot about the site gripe a bit, whereas the ones who leave just up and leave. The rest of us will be renewing when the time comes.
    Nothing is perfect, and no site is perfect. If goes down, I am going down with it.
  7. Bob, I am grateful for your response and the candor you put into it.
  8. If eight years is an old member, I am a loyal old timer. I think I have made a couple of friends here.
    Try that on other sites where they fight like cats and dogs with barbed insults. I am a face to face
    and eyeball to eyeball person but I like establishing relationships, if only fleeting, on this site.
    Landrum is a good old boy in the best sense, IMO, for instance. .
    I wish there were more activity here as I think some great and thoughtful discussions have gone on
    here in PN. I won't quit PN but I sometimes go astray looking for action and more information on my
    two new purchases; 7dII and 100-400II. I am excited about both.
  9. I enjoy the site and have no complaints whatsoever, and I'll be subscribing as well. A lot of great advice and technical information on here.

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