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  1. Again not sure of my title BUT how do I find other members on the site?
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Select the Members Block upper right, and Find - enter the name. Or if they are or were online recently, click on their name. You can then start a private conversation.
  3. Hi Ian, from your profile I see that you've recently joined (PN). So I though I'd just share my own experience in addition to Sandy's point.

    I've "found" most members that I've had some kind of contact with, in two ways:
    - via a couple of forum discussions (threads) that interest me
    - via the "Explore" (photos) function on the top menu bar

    To get a sense of a member's background and interests, you can visit their Profile Page by clicking on their name. There, you can see the members they follow and who follow them, view a list of their past posts/responses with links to these (as far as I can see "recent activity" is the same thing in a different format). One of the Profile Page tabs contains a link to their 'Portfolio Page'. This shows the photos that they've uploaded to their portfolio. On the Portfolio Page", you can also "follow" a member. This is something I haven't done, but I assume you get an "alert" when the member posts a new photo. (@Sandy Vongries: is this true? Otherwise please correct me).
    It's worth noting that many of the photos that are shared in various sub-forums (for example, "No Words") may, but probably don't, appear in the "Portfolio Pages". They're posted directly in a (visual) discussion thread.

    My advice in getting started at PN is:
    - to browse the forums and get involved in a couple of sub-forums that interest you
    - to explore recently posted photos and the portfolios of the members who posted them

    Comments on photos (especially those requesting critique) and/or portfolios are always much appreciated.

    You might want also want to introduce yourself in the "New User Introductions" subforum: link..

    Welcome to PN! I look forward to "meeting you".


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