Megapixels: potential quality versus realized quality

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by albert_smith, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. With new digicam P&S cameras being routinely introduced with double digit megapixel counts these days, there have been some reviews stating that the higher count crammed into the same small sensor may be showing the limits of such a small sensor.
    So I ask this to those that may have actually conducted actual hands-on tests or have experience from simply shooting… If I have a 5 megapixel camera and a 10-plus megapixel camera that I use at a 5 meg resolution setting, which would give the best image within the limits of a 5 meg photo?
    Would the images both be equal? Would the 10 meg camera have a “smoother” look since it would not be using each tightly packed pixel? Am I all wet here for asking this?
    Thanks in advance for any input to this querry.
  2. You forgot two very important paramters, that is the quality of the pixel and the size of the sensor. Think of the sensor as your pie dish. The size and depth (quality) of the dish, matter in how much pie it can hold. How many pieces (pixel) you can cut actually matter less if you are the only one eating that pie.

    BTW: Check out the Fujifilm F31, that pie dish is deep and wide.
  3. You forgot two very important paramters, that is the quality of the pixel and the size of the sensor.
    I am asking in regards to the assumption of all parts of the whole parameter being basically equal . Specifically (didn't want to use name brands, but...) I am happy with my A620 / A630 Canons at 7 and 8 megs each. There is a new 12.1 meg A650 with a longer lens as well as some other nice features. If I used that A650 at a 7 or 8 meg setting (less than full resolution) would the images be better than the full res quality of the 620 / 630 cameras?
  4. The presumption here is that sensor technology (and therefore signal to noise ratio) does not change over time, which is incorrect.

    Older "large" point and shoot sensors do exhibit more noise than newer sensors of the same or even smaller sizes.
  5. If the 10mp camera is using interpolation I would say you're not getting a better quality, just more size especially with a 4x or 5x print. I would shoot at the highest size you can without the camera software messing with the image.
  6. Probably, depending on the quality of the new lens. You can play around at
  7. From my own experience, a D2x is sharper resampled to 4.1MP than a D2h. A Nikon LS-4000 scanner is sharper resampled to 2970 ppi than an LS-30. The image quality is superior in other ways as well - color for example.
  8. A D2h is nearly as sharp and has better color than a D1x, which has nearly 50% more pixels. Not all pixels are equal.
  9. Albert, If you have a camera that has L, M, S settings with varying output then the L will offer the best quality. All these sizes are generated from similar captures using all of the imager's capacity. Only the output is done differently.

    If you want quality then look beyond the current crop of P&S cams.
  10. I use my cameras to take photographs not tests.

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