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  1. That's why I think the photo is weak...he has to explain what it is...that's a fail as far as I'm concerned. The photo should stand on it's own. If you have to explain what it is, and why that speaks to you, then in my opinion, you've failed.
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  2. ? OK. So it seems you knew the answers to the questions you asked me already.
  3. Rhetorical questions...if you know what those are, don't really require a response. I think you and Sam are on a similar photographic level, philosophically, and doesn't surprise me that you enjoy each others work.
  4. Yes doug and i was satirical.
    Got it... personal and lacking substance.
    Oh well.
    I have tried to be genuine in responding to your quest posed in 'if only...'
    I saw the kind of critique you were complaining about and made an error of judgement to point it out to you. Since it was an unsolicited critique i think it best to step away.
  5. I think that is called "passive/aggressive" behavior...another thing you share with Sam!
  6. Since it was an unsolicited critique i think it best to step away
    I'll own it. Passive aggressive torward self..?. i started it with my response to sam's series and then an aggressive challenge to you.
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  7. Did you vote for Trump?
  8. On a lighter note, I consider the above a fairly passive penis photo (alliteration intended). I have more aggressive photos of more aggressive penises but wouldn’t want to titillate those of you inclined to be titillated by penis photos, so I’ll refrain here. ;)
  9. Oh Sam, projection is one of your finer schoolboy traits! Can't say I ever had any desire to photograph a penis...I have one, so I can look at it at any time.
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  10. Well, I have a mom and a boyfriend, and I’ve photographed them as well. I don’t avoid photographic subjects just because I have access to them personally. That would rule out a lot. I have the curiosity to photograph most anything, and especially don’t fall pray to the prudishness or squeamishness of others about body parts. Different ... ahem ... strokes. ;)
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    Time for everyone to refrain from the side bar comments and baits - discuss the Images and the Photography.

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