Meet Richard...

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  1. Such stories he must have!
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  2. Meet dick ...
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  3. Mentor?
  4. Apparently dick is never very far from an #*%hole.
  5. I think I am...I've written to the admins on how to delete my profile...seems difficult on this site.
  6. 'embrace' you made it your own..... compelling photo sam!
  7. Thanks. It's actually part of a series I call Appendages. [Embrace has a bit more poetry. Maybe I can name each in the series accordingly.]

    The first in the series is the one I recently posted in the ongoing headshots thread with the prominent arm. The second is the one above. I'm including the third below. They came at a time I was discovering Japanese photography. My work is a mix of my own desires, needs, challenges, and history of experiences coupled with allowing the influence of art that speaks to me, an internal/external synthesis of sorts.

    Not far behind ...
  8. I do sense a more personal touch & story from your series.
    Makes me want to see them together!
  9. I sense repressed, adolescent titillation...doesn't save the rather weak photo.
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  10. Doug, As i said to you elswhere
    ".it's easy enough to weed out ego driven critiques... to know a critique that is taking into account your vision [in this case sam's photos] as photographer vs the critique that is more aligned with their work or ego. [or agenda]"
  11. So as long as I agree with you, my opinion is valid? Perhaps it's time for you to give yourself a little less credit. I stand by my's a weak photo
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  12. Interesting reaction. I don’t find the photo at all titillating and you’re the first viewer to tell me he sees it that way. It’s always good to have a new and unique response to a photo of mine. Cheers.
  13. Interesting indeed...did you get to the part where I said "it's a weak photo"? Sam, I have no idea what turns your crank, and don't really care. Other than very pedestrian gay porn, these photos are neither interesting, technically competent, nor indicative of anything other than "adolescent titillation" at best.
  14. Disingenuous. you ignore the context of where my comment was drawn from and the point of taking the creators vision into account. Of course articulate negative critiques are not invalid. I spoke of that with you before... They can be very helpful.
  15. I did. Are you trolling for a response to that? I have none. I simply took it in.
  16. How would I know what the creators vision was? Why would I even care what the creators vision was, even if I could figure that out? Photographs are visuals...if the visuals don't convey the message of the photographer, it's the photographers fault. You can read all kinds of things into photographs...that doesn't mean it's there.
  17. Not trolling (are you?), and I doubt my response is new or unique.
  18. How.The same way i did.. i read what he wrote.
    Why. Read your 'if only...' posts..
    To give a criique that helps the photographer not that tells them to make it like your work.
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