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  1. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra:
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  2. Ensign 820 Ross Xpres 3.8/105 Ilford Delta 100
  3. bronica s2a 75mm 2.8 ilford xp2 s2a after foam repair 3 20_0008_edited-1.jpg
  4. 8-10: Another from my Files of Yester Year. . .2007 YashicaMat 124, FP-4 & PMK-Pyro. Aloha, Bill 2k7-049 003 selwc.jpg
  5. Rolleiflex T f3.5 Tessar Ilford HP5 / F8 @1/125 handheld

  6. Cook Islands from 2011-- Pentax 67, 55-100 zoom @ 55mm. SR_Tropical_tc205 (3711x4690) (1029x1300).jpg
  7. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    Oh Steve...! Snorkelling and SUPing in the Cook Islands. C'mon, take me away... :p
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  8. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra:
  9. Glad to hear you liked that shot Gary! I used to travel quite a bit in the South Pacific and had many shots published from it. There is just so much potential for slide film there. It is my favorite place to shoot.
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  10. bronica s2a with 50mm f3.5 nikkor kodak ektar 100 s2a ektar 100 5 20_0010_edited-2.jpg
  11. Trout Lake, Yellowstone NP
    Pentax 6x7, SMC Fisheye Takumar/6x7 35mm f/4.5, 320TXP, HC-110B

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  12. 500cm, Kodak Ektar 100, 16 extension tube with 80mm Planar lens

  13. C77A56C5-A03F-4EBA-8D87-D0A5EBEB8E20.jpeg
    Rolleiflex K4A with 75mm f3.3 Xenar; Tri-X in Rodinal.
  14. Herbert Glacier, near Juneau Alaska
    Bronica ETR, 40/4 Zenzanon MC, Kodak Ektar

  15. Ultrix Radionar- (8).jpg
    Ihagee Auto Ultrix Radionar 4.5/105
  16. Rolleiflex 3.5E Tri-X

    78640010.jpg 78640004.jpg
  17. “Street Light,” Hudson Yards, NYC last March
    Bronica RF645, 65/4 Zenzanon-RF, 100TMX, HC-110B

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  18. 1332.jpg
    SINAR Hy-6, Emotion 75-LV, Zeiss 110F2.0
  19. "recycling" older images from my 500cm- it's being serviced currently and I am missing it! Hope this isn't redundant
    Kodak Ektar 100, 80mm Planar

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  20. All photographs are outstanding.
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