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  1. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    One more, before I head out to explore in the winter gloom...

    A rainforest scene:
    Upper tier of OREN Falls, Mousetrap Complex
    Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia

    Pentax 67 + 75mm f2.8AL, full polarisation on Velvia 50, scanned on Heidelberg Tango. RA-4 hybridised print.

    Upper Tier OREN Falls, Mousetrap Complex 768x1024.JPG
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  2. From the archive. Koni Omega Rapid 6x7, 90mm, Kodak Verichrome Pan, ID 11. Scanner Epson V800, Vuescan Standard.

    Vuescan Standard (2).jpg
  3. Got it, thanks. I have to say that looking at the transparencies (is that the proper term?) was a special kind of magic- a glowing, full color, positive image in my hand.... very different from viewing a black and white negative!
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  4. I shot 120 transparencies back in the 80's and they were never returned mounted from the processor - unless you asked and paid for it. That was pretty standard, you mounted your own if you planned to project - there were not many projectors for MF, especially if you went bigger than 6x6. Most professionals shot transparencies for print, such that the art director could view them on a light table.
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  5. AJG


    If you're shooting transparency film regularly it's worth getting a decent color corrected small lightbox and a good loupe to really see what is there on the film.
  6. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    For medium-format slides, I have a little folding COIL magnifying viewer, made in England, probably dates from the early '60s. It works quite well. I also like Matin-brand plastic snap-together mounts, available in 6x6, 6x4.5, and 6x7 sizes. Very easy to use.

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  7. Silent Street (Gary)-- I have seen most of the work that you posted here, on other forums, with the exception of the boulders and small waterfall. Very nice work. Good eye.
  8. A Pentax 6x7 shot from Yoho Park, BC, Canada, 55-100 zoom. TCAN21jL (1500x1198).jpg
  9. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    Slides, reversals, transparencies or, Heaven forbid, Trannies... are all ready-rolled names for chrome film. I have never heard my print lab or any of the techs refer to it as "slide film" or "prints from a slide". Probably just a natural progression of terminology in the modern era, IDK.

    I agree that once you've eyeballed trannies up close and personal you'll never quite feel the same way again about looking at negatives. What you see is the finished product.
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  10. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    Thanks Steve. Production has been severely impacted here this year, first from the catastrophic bushfires, and then, amazingly, from the pandemic and the infuriatingly extended quazzie — we're still not allowed to go camping or use amenities etc!! I have 34 images lined up for scanning and printing when restrictions on travel are further released around 22nd June. This is all very frustrating!!
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  11. Silent Street

    Silent Street Silent Street Photography AUS

    Indeed. Probably the single most important first-step for anybody setting out on long-term consumption of transparency. My first lightbox, back in 1980, was built by Dad from a desklamp positioned under a white frosted glass table top. The 100 watt (!) globe cooked my face and warped my first endeavours with Kodachrome and Ektachrome. Subsequent endeavours were much improved after researching just what the term "light box" meant!
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  12. just a tree with my s2a s2a allaire 2019_0002.jpg
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  13. More trees.

    This is my very first exposure and development of a 4x5 film sheet. The camera is a recently acquired Kodak red bellows No4 with a Cooke Anastigmat lens with cemented glass in Volute shutter. Unfortunately the Cooke has haze so I swapped it with one of those ordinary everyday early 20th century Kodak 3A Anastigmats and shutter. I won't give up on the Cooke lens, I just need to take some pics with it and see how the hazing affects the sharpness and contrast. I drove around looking for a contrasty scene in the afternoon light and chose this one to test not only the camera but myself as well, I wasn't real sure of anything and had my fingers crossed when I pressed the cable release at f32 1/8sec, indicated by a hand held meter. I'm fascinated by these old folders and I'm making film holders out of black craft cardboard thin enough so the back still clips onto the camera.

    Delta 100 4x5, ID 11 1:1 mix, 12mins, V800 scanner. The image needed sharpening
    Trees Road+ copy 2.jpg
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  14. ^^ So "Cameragary" you still have that S2a :) ,it seems to be working well for you . Peter
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  15. that is off the first roll of film i ever shot in medium was ilford xp2 super and this is before i replaced foams in the camera.i have more rolls of xp2 and just finished a roll of ektar 100 in it , but this covid stuff is really killing me as i dont develop myself ( yet ) and everybody seems to be in limbo.
    so yes i have the s2a still as i am waiting on the party with the etrs to get back to me.
    keep you posted.
  16. 5DAEBB69-8B1A-43D5-90D2-356A4CDBA9DC.jpeg Here’s one from my Hasselblad 500cm, using the 80mm Planar lens, shot on Kodak Portra 160. I boosted the color a bit in PP.
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  17. this is the pic that led me on my mirror / ground glass nightmare.foam was like dust under mirror and like glue under ground glass,between all that and losing the mirror frame screw for 2 days i believe all is well now.owning this camera is an excersise in determination,to say the least. my first mf photo bronica s2a 2019_0002.jpg
  18. [​IMG]

    My favorite from my first roll on a newly acquired Mamiya 645 1000S. The camera seems pretty mint but there's a couple of kinks to work out! Kodak Porta 160 + 80mm 2.8.
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