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  1. Prince William Sound, Alaska - Mamiya 6 img038.jpg
  2. Sunrise in the Wonderland of Rocks, Joshua Tree NP


    Bronica ETRS, Bronica PE 45-90mm f/4-5.6 Zenzanon Zoom, Fujichrome Velvia 100
  3. How about a picture of that lens on your Bronica Etrs ? Peter
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  4. Here you go!



    It's not as bad as it looks, maybe slightly bulky but very manageable; with the speed grip it works really nicely, and handheld is easily possible with fast (ISO 250 and above) film.

    Cheers, Allan
  5. Well after the 250mm lens , that does almost look manageable :D ! Thanks for the pic , I too enjoy the speed grip
    for pretty much everything I do with this camera . Peter
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  6. Red Canyon, Utah. Mamiya 645E on Tmax 400

    Red Canyon UT.jpg
  7. CAC4B5B6-A215-4B05-86D4-CE86AD265E29.jpeg
    Ocean City, NJ August 2021. Rolleiflex 3.5e Kodak portra 400
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  9. that final shot of the guy with the walker (wiping away a tear?) beneath the mural featuring him and his walker.... holy cow man such a fantastic photo. I'd love to know the story behind that one, Josh.
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  10. OK! SO finally, I'm getting the rest of my film from The Race Of Gentlemen processed. But there's a bit of a story there. One of the "official" photographers of TROG is a young guy who works in a camera store in Allentown PA. I talked to him and after he assured me they process film, I told him I'd bring them some work. But since it's a bit out of the box for me, I didn't want to mail it in- I wanted to walk in there and see my buddy. SO it took me a while- even tho I had been in Allentown a few rimes working gigs- I'm a member of IATSE local 200 up there (Lehigh Valley Stagehands) and we have a contract at their reasonably new downtown arena- so I've been up there a few times since last October! Well one thing led to another and I FINALLY had a minute to A remember to bring some film along to work, and B to make a small effort to drive over there and make a drop, see the store, chat with my friend... etc.

    Well Dan's Camera City is no small operation. The store is large but their building is massive. turns out they hold classes and seminars, process film, employ photographers who shoot weddings & events, sell new digital & used film cameras, and sell all manner of accouterments & gak associated with photography. So that was fun, and I dropped off only 2 rolls of 120 film- one roll of Ilford Pan F Plus 50- my go-to, and one roll of expired T Max. I shot all the expired T Max at box speed, abut still wasn't sure how it was gonna turn out- so I wanted the lab to process one roll, take look at the scans to make sure it was OK then go ahead with all the rest... but honestly Dan's is too busy and my film probably woulda gotten lost in mayhem (or bin, more like it)...

    (sub-story a here: I forgot to order film in advance of my week at TROG. I got in an order late and paid for expedited delivery- which failed to make it in time so my friend Wade gave me 10 rolls of expired -but frozen since new- T Max 100 to alleviate my panic and give me something to shoot other than 35mm)

    Well long story short the expired film came out OK and all is well- so NOW "all" I have to do is get my butt back up to Allentown (75 miles one way) and let those guys process the rest of my 120 stock f rom TROG.

    But wait, there's more.

    Meanwhile, one of the old theaters I work at is in Reading PA. In the alley where the upstage door is- where unload trucks and get stuff into the theater, there's an old sign on a garage across from our back door: Bowers Photo, Appointment Only, + phone number. How I never saw it before December is mystery and also immaterial. We were doing a load in back in Dec when the garage door opened and a car pulled in. A Lady exited the car and before she could close the door behind her I stepped in and asked if she had a second. She obliged and proceeded to tell me she was chew third generation Bower person who grew up since age 8 hanging about the lab in her grandfather's & father's photo shop. More recently, the shop has been bought by a guy who goes by Retro Photo Reading. I already knew of Retro Photo York. I inquired if this was the same Retro Photo person and she said, "yes, and we've come to an arrangement whereby I remain on staff to handle photo processing and print making. Michael buys and sells film cameras and equipment of all kinds"

    SO I also popped down to Reading on my way home (to Harrisburg) from Allentown, met those guys (her again) and dropped off some 35mm film for processing!

    Whew, sorry fo the long winded post. Without further ado, here are some scans from my 120 film.

    First, a couple from that roll of expired TMax 100. These were al shot at a distance, almost into the sun- but came out OK, methinks. Woulda been my 250mm Sonnar lens here on the 500cm



    another, cropped


    here are a couple from the Pan F Plus which is really my all time favorite B&W 120 film



    This final photo, I was somehow completely fascinated with the three exhaust ports on this belly tanker. Somebody gave me an elaborate description of the firing order via which a total of 6 exhaust ports (3 each side) worked for 8 cylinders. Now, I don't recall exactly what was said about it. But I shot this car up one side and down another all week long.... this is by far, my favorite of the ones I've seen so far tho.

    SO back at the proverbial ranch, I STILL have 6 more rolls of 120 from TROG! I guess you all will have to be seeing pix from it darn near forever... maybe I can stretch it out til October 2022 when I'll shoot a boatload MORE shots of old cars & bikes!

    Hey BTW- Happy 2/22/22.


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  11. Spontaneous serendipity. I was taking in the mural by Rip Cronk, titled "Venice on the Halfshell" when i saw the man with his walker and paper bag far away down the boardwalk. I sought him out and we walked back to the mural together for the portrait. As a tourist to Venice Beach I was not aware how well known he was along the boardwalk, But as we walked & talked I realized that he was part of that scene for a long time. Uncomfortable with sharing a mailing address he told me I could find him on the boardwalk. When I returned more than a year later with a print for him I was told he was no longer taking walks along the beach in Venice.
    Many years ago I tried to contact R. Cronk to revive my memory of the man's name that i had lost track of but .... no luck. Hy Goldman maybe?
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  12. Seeing these are making me want to pull out my MF cameras. (503 cw)

  13. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Agfa Isolette I, Agnar 85/4.5, Ilford FP4+, medium yellow filter.

    Museum, Agfa Isolette I.jpg
  14. hasselblad 500cm, various lenses

    80mm Planar, Ilford Pan F Plus 50


    250mm Sonnar, expired (1996) T Max 100



    cropped 80mm Planar, Ilford Pan F Plus 50

  15. Fuji GX617, 90mm & 180mm, Kodak Portra


  16. Mamiya 645 DF+, Phase One P65+, various lenses:




  17. I know exactly where you were standing in Hoboken. A very attractive photo.
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  18. Thank you! It’s a personal favorite. I shot it during the pandemic on my then new to me Rolleiflex 3.5e. I’m still in awe of the sharpness of the negatives the camera puts out.

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