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  1. Someday I'll actually get the text included with the pic . This was taken a few days ago on the Sea To Sky Hwy north of Vancouver .
    Had my Pentacon 6 TL loaded with Tri-X and my MIR 45 lens . Rather cold winter this year and lots of photo ops if you dress correctly .
    What that means , is I was wearing my new Xmas gift battery heated vest :) . Peter
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  2. Mamiya 645 DF+ various lenses, Phase One P65+



  3. 2 older shots from the 500cm and 80mm Planar lens, on Kodak Ektar 100


  4. 95D378C7-E3EA-40AF-A703-2F8CB553630B.jpeg
    Left over by Rover. Rolleicord V with 75mm f3.5 Xenar; TMax in L76.
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  5. You got me thinking, remembering how much i liked the 500cm for street shooting.







    man on mission.jpg

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  6. Thank you Allan for your generous comment. I always appreciated the influence the medium format had on my street work, different from my 35mm.... and other formats.
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  7. Mamiya 645E 80mm f/2.8

    Silly Deb.jpg
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  8. Not often seeing color film in medium format and Agfa Optima 100, here's one, with Bronica SQ-A and 80mm 2.8 lens in 6x4.5 format CLR120_003_00001.jpg
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  9. "The Watchman," along The Watchman Trail, Zion NP, Utah


    Bronica S, 75mm f/2.8 Nikkor-P, Kodak 320TXP, HC-110B
  10. Out testing my Etrsi with PE 50mm lens and last roll of Tri-X 400 in North Van . Peter BronicaWinter2022005.jpg
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