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  1. Hy-6 + 40-FLE ?

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  2. Fuji GX617, 90mm & 180mm, Kodak Portra:

  3. Zion National Park, Utah. Deb and I were married on this spot. Mamiya 645E on Tmax 400 on our fortieth anniversary Oct 9, 2021.

    Zion Wedding Spot.jpg
  4. Mamiya 645 DF+, Phase One P65+, 200mm, 28mm, 55mm


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  5. Zion Canyon Overlook, Zion NP, Utah


    Bronica S, 75mm f/2.8 Nikkor-P
    Kodak 320TXP, HC-110B
  6. Allen: That is a trail we have taken many times over the years but in October there was absolutely no place left to park near the trailhead - very disappointing. It was a big difference from the first time there back in 1980. I really wanted to make that image again but in medium format for the first time.
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  7. Yes, in recent years Zion has rocketed to the number 3 spot in most visited US "National Parks"; we were there in August and the only way to avoid crowds was to be inside the entrance before dawn! Being from the east coast, we just maintained our Eastern Time "body clocks," making that easy for us.

    I'm just now finally getting around to processing and scanning the rest of my rolls (3 more, all 220). We plan to visit North Cascades NP next year; medium format will be with me again.
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  8. Allan: If you ever decide to visit Rocky Mountain NP you are welcome at our fire. It's only a forty minute drive from here.
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  9. Excellent, thank you! I would like that very much. And that park is on our short list.

    Cheers, Allan
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  10. "Allan" that road has got to be on my motorcycling bucket list , and at 70 , I better make it soon :) ! Peter
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  11. Kodak 2A Hawkeye, 105mm, Western New South Wales, Ilford Delta 100, ID 11 dev.

    Clouds Western NSW.jpg
  12. I think it would be quite memorable! Actually there were more than a few motorcycle groups on that road, it’s the Zion - Mount Carmel Highway (AZ Route 9) and it includes a 1.1 mile tunnel through the prominent rock on the left.
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  13. What a fantastic photo, love the square format!

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  14. Thank you very much! The old Bronica comes through and I do find myself enjoying the square format, not only aesthetically but in camera use.
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  15. Did you use a colored filter for this image?
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  16. Normally I would be using a yellow filter as a matter of course when shooting B&W film, but that particular day was mostly cloudy with small breaks allowing the sun to poke through only in one or several random spots, so I actually didn’t have a colored filter attached. But the clouds also were relatively thick where they existed and added a degree of drama on their own!
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  17. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra

  18. Alan: Here is the view from about half way down the canyon. I used a #8 yellow filter. The image you took was the one I really wanted but there was no way to park at the Great Arch trailhead in October. You captured the very essence of Zion. The shadows on the tunnel side and the cap on West Temple had just enough detail (Zone 1 I think). Zion isn't easy. Even AA seemed to have had a difficult time there. We can't wait to get back.

  19. Thank you for the words and a nicely done image by you as well! We arrived at the parking area very early (before 7 AM local time) and we took one of the last three spaces left in the Overlook Trail parking lot. I was a little worried about the cloud cover, but after seeing a few breaks here and there, I though it might actually work out. As it was, we spent well over 2 hours at the overlook just waiting for the sun angle to be just high enough and the clouds to just open up enough to get some good shots. I used an entire 220 roll of TXP there plus many digital images with my Leica M240, the best one here. You're absolutely right, it wasn't easy and it was a test of patience and luck!
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  20. From last summer; Pentax 6x7, 600 Takumar, Velvia 100, southern Arizona. LA306j (1400x1168).jpg

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