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  1. Paris, Pont des Arts to Académie Française
    Hy-6 Xenotar 80F2.0

  2. [​IMG]Äppel by Georg, auf Flickr

    SL66, tilted Planar 80mm, Fomapan 100 in Rodinal 1+50
    I was in a hurry, shot hand-held.
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  3. Hoe timely , we have a couple of apple trees in our front yard and they have suffered from the same bug holes in them ! They even appear to be the same type . Peter
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  4. [​IMG]

    Rolleiflex K4B with 75mm f3.5 Tessar with yellow filter; HP5 in D76 (1:2).
  5. Parisiennes faisant leur jogging devant des Parisiens
    Hy-6 Xenotar 80F2.0

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  6. Santa Catalina mountains, Arizona, Pentax 6x7, 200mm, Velvia 50. A1811j (1028x1300).jpg
  7. ^ Now that's one spectacular photo :) ! Polarizer ? Peter
  8. Thanks Peter! It was only slightly polarized, as I didn't turn it all the way. It would be too dark.
  9. the view attach----0005 is pretty good!
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  10. thanks!
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  11. Not a Featherbed. More likely a Garden Gate. I've had a few British bikes back in the day, including a couple of Vincents, a BSA Gold Star and a Velocette Venom. The Velocette was the best. These days I ride a BMW.

  12. Now that's what I call patina!
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  13. 2k21-031-007 ces20 bc bm.jpg Calm before a Storm. From a few months ago, but the upcoming weekend forecasts are looking like similar weather. Maybe some Wagner, or perhaps Ludwig's 6th, 2k21-031-007 ces20 bc bm.jpg for background ??
  14. My system is being freaky. Please delete the dupe. Yashica 124, UFX400, Pyrocat HDC & V800 scan.
  15. Mamiya 645 DF+ 150mm, Phase One P65+:

  16. The Three Patriarchs, Zion National Park, Utah. Mamiya 645E and 45mm f/2.8 lens with a #15 yellow filter on T-max 400 dev w/ L-76. This is my first image on this thread with my brand new/old introduction to medium format. It's everything I'd hoped for. Photo was made on Oct. 9th which was Deb and my 40th anniversary. We were married in the park way back when.

    3 Pats.jpg
  17. Messing atound waiting to send my latest film in for processing... no excuse for why it's taking me so long- it's been all but a month since The Race Of Gentlemen where ! shot 18 rolls of mixed 35mm & 120! Been busy for sure, but just .... well blah blah blah sums it up best! LOL.

    So in the absence of anything else here are some color shots I don't believe I've posted from the July 4 dirt drags in Allentown. - I'm pretty sure the film was Fuji Provia 100F here, in the 500cm- I believe this was all with the 80mm Planar. Should have some new stuff to post soon.







  18. I've always wanted a Flathead.
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  19. As they say 'be careful what you wish for' they were gutless even 1/2 century ago :) . Peter
    I've worked on the 45's and 80's , the former hopeless and the latter , well , they could keep up with traffic !

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