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  1. A couple from a recent walk around the hood . Burnaby is deep into a high rise boom these last few years !
    Don't look forward to the traffic congestion about to follow :( .
    Taken with my Pentacon 6TL , 45 mm Mir lens and on some old Acros in HC110. Peter
  2. Thank you, Peter! not being hugely experienced in the realm of super-wide lenses, I have to say my primary intent was to keep the camera as level as I could by eye- not having a spirit-bubble on hand. I was mainly hoping to keep distortion to a minimum, which is one thing I tend not to like about wide angle shots. Thinking today about this lens, one thing I've been doing with my 250mm Sonnar is shooting "close ups" with it, although from a distance. Might try that with the 40mm FLE in the near future to see how that works out.

    Hey as an aside, I really like that shot of the construction scene taken under the bridge!
  3. Hey so I recently took my 1930s Voigtlander Bessa out to a vintage car show/event and ran a roll of expired Portra 160vc through it. It had been so long since I shot the camera I'd kinda forgotten how to use it! I knewI flubbed it and was only expecting one shot out of the roll. Much to my delight, I was surprised to get 3 photos! I framed these shots using the flip-out "viewfinder" which of course is only a metal frame... I was a bit off, it seems- and in retrospect I believe I was erring on the side of caution in keeping the camera aimed slightly left of what I was seeing in the frame.

    In the end, tho I am jazzed about the photos, even if they aren't perfect and now find myself energized about the camera again. Might take it out this weekend to the National Triumph (motorcycle) Rally and run a roll of modern film through it.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch here are my 3 photos- I admit to doing a bit of "auto-correcting" in light & color and levels & curves. Next time I'll swing the camera back to the right and trust the metal frame/finder. I used my tripod for all these, BTW. All shots zone focused and shot at f/8



  4. A good part of the last month was spent scanning a batch of "re-discovered" negatives from the later 60's & early 70's. . . most taken during my "trip" at Brooks. Enjoy the historical offerings. Mamiya C330, 85mm, Tri-X & D76 1:1. V800 scan. 2k21-1k70s-102-040 ces26 bc bm.jpg Bill
  5. maybe 80mm?
  6. Although this photo doesn't really tell the whole story, this is a shot of a Knuckled service-car 3 wheeled motorcycle that is one of just a small handful of prototypes d developed by Harley Davidson for proposed usage during WWII. The bike features a shaft drive. Only a very few were made; even fewer survive- and this is one of those survivors. While the word "rare" is often over- and misused, it absolutely applies to this machine! I guess the "end" of the story is that the Army did nOT wind u going with this particular model/design- hence the rarity of this bike.

    Hasselblad 500cm, can't recall which lens, maybe the 80mm Planar? Not 100% certain which film stock this is but I want to say it was shot on Ilford Pan F Plus 50?

  7. Another rarity now, somebody stuffed a Harley Davidson Knucklehead motor into a Norton Featherbed frame. This bike has gained some internet renown, and I got to see it and shoot it at the AMCA meet at Oley in April. Hasselblad 500cm. 80mm Planar??? Ilford Pan F Plus 50.

  8. If it is a featherbed frame it's been much modified . The featherbed was a swingarm frame and this looks to be a hardtail !
    But crazier things have been done to bikes over the years . (I had put a 1974 XLCH Sportster motor in a featherbed frame)
    back in my misspent youth :) . Peter
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  9. Yes, sorry. Not a featherbed frame but a Manx or International frame. A friend of mine has this posted on his web/blog site, and somebody piped up with a story. Turns out its origins are near here in Philadelphia, although there has been quite a lot of chatter about it in the past year or so. Here's a link to Kev's blog, Backstreet Thunder, and the article on the bike. He posted a guy's story on the bike but there's more in the comments by the same gentleman. I have at least one more photo of the bike but in 35mm not MF.

    Norton Knucklehead…
  10. Quite the story behind that bike ! Thanks for the link . Peter
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  11. 7CD8349B-30FD-4F1B-8CDD-D091E7DFFA2A.jpeg
    Madison, WI. Fujica 690GL; HP5+ in D76.
  12. same player shoot again...


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  13. Here are a few from my 1930s Voigtlander Bessa- including an accidental double exposure which I like. Shot at f8 on Fuji Provia 100F

    This camera amazes me.

    442057_0002.jpg 442057_0003.jpg 442057_0004.jpg 442057_0005.jpg 442057_0007.jpg
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  14. Another history find among a trove of "re-discovered" negatives from the early 70's. My parents set up near Santa Barbara, Calif. 1970. Mamiya C33 & 80mm 2k21-1k70s-103-031 ces26 bc bm.jpg
  15. Cropped print from my Yashica 124 at 2k21-2k7-089 035 ces13 bm.jpg 2017 SOVREN Vintage Car Race at Pacific Raceway, Kent, Wa. . Film was UFX 400 @ 250 in Pyrocat HDC. V600 scan.
  16. alone in the crowd
    Hy-6 Xenotar 80F2.0

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  17. Some of my most recent photos:
    2 MF shots from the Hassy 500 cm- I assume on Ilford Pan F Plus 50. Guessing multiple lenses- 80mm Planar & 250mm Sonnar.


    Also, 1 photo shot using my 1930s Voigtlander Bessa folder with the Anistigmat Voigtar lens. Not 100% sure but the film could also have been Iford Pan F Plus 50?

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  18. Mamiya 645 1000s; Kodak EKtar 100 Scanned

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