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  1. Kodak Ektar 100
    Hasselblad 500CM
    I believe this was teh 80mm Planar

    The old and the new in Nashville Tennessee

  2. old shelter to store chestnuts, located in France (Ardeche)
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  3. ^ Thank you , looked kinda rugged for a house . Peter
  4. Hello
    thanks for likes
    I don't understand why my last pictures uploaded didn't appear? is it a problem of size/weight? (33 Mo instead of 6 Mo for BW)
  5. Ihagee Auto Ultrix Schneider Radionar 4.5/105

    Ultrix Radionar- (1)-1 (Copier).jpg
  6. Yes. Far too large to display inline.
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  7. thanks
    what size to use to be as large as possible without link?
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  8. Rolleiflex SL66/80 f2.8 Planar/HP5
    BR SL66 HP5 004.jpg
  9. thanks
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  10. Ensign Selfix 820 Ross Xpres 3.8/105 Ilford Delta 100
    Selfix 820707 (Copier).jpg
  11. 20210204 Portra-04 Everglades City FL.jpg
    Mamiya 645 Pro with Mamiya-Sekor 50mm Shift lens, Kodak Portra400, Everglades City FL, USA
  12. My last post was 1280 x something (depending upon crop) and they went through just fine. I do an "export" of my 30MB-or-so scans from 120 in "JPEG - High - Large" and it seems to be the max quality that can be uploaded without the system complaining.
  13. Thanks Fiddlefye
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  14. You're welcome. On any particular site it is always an experimental game as to what will load, not to mention that the specifications in various places evolve over time!
  15. Here's anMF shot I did on Kodak Ektar 100. First roll of film I ran through the 500CM after I had it repaired and the 80mm Planar lens serviced last year. I'd been looking at this old truck for a while thinking it'd be the perfect color palette for Ektar but once I got the scans in, the truck was super saturated and blended right into the red of the building!
    SO I desaturated it and now I'm reasonably happy about the whole thing- although the ref of the truck does about blend right in with the sky!

  16. Another offering from my oldies vault. Mission Santa Calara, 2k21-1k80s-020-011ce bc bm.jpg Calif. early 1980's. C330 & 80mm.FP-4 & D-23. V800 scan. Aloha, Bill
  17. ^ Love grave yard shots and this is on my lists of favs ! Peter
  18. New scans just in today from 2 vintage Motorcycle weekends. 1st weekend was Sunday vintage flat track racing, next weekend after that (Thursday/Friday actually) was a large antique motorcycle meet hosted by a south central Pennsylvania chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA). Here are 2 shots at the starting line from the races.

    Camera washy 500cm. This might have been with the 250mm Sonnar lens? I THINK the film was Fuji Acros 100 as I still had a couple rolls in the fridge of the final run of the original Acros. IIRC I shot the Acros 1st then switched at Oley to my usual Pan F Plus 50...



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