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  1. Another from the yesteryear vault. Agfa 2k14-102-005 xx ces5 bc bm.jpg Isolette 3 (85mm Apotar), Tmax 100, Rodinol & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  2. graveyeard.jpg
    Mamiya 7 43mm red filter HP5 in HC110 18 min.
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  3. Perhaps forgotten are the folding cameras of the 40's & 50"s. Here is the Ercona II from then East Germany. 1956 build in 6x9 format. Aloha, Bill 2k19-074-003 ces26 r9.5k bm bc.jpg
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  4. Using a tripod and the 10 sec delay timers with my MF cameras allows slow shutter speeds and selfies! Agfa Isolette 3, Tmax 100, Obsidian Aqua & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k21-2k14-haw-057-005 ces13 bc.jpg
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  5. ^ That's a great photo Bill :) ! Peter
  6. from the archives:
    Ektar100 having a moment
    Hasselblad 500cm
    80mm Planar
    • [​IMG]
  7. ^^^ So what are you riding in that pic Bill ? Peter
  8. My Aloha Hotrod. Basically a 50cc moped that you would find here in Hawaii and around the world. Mine is a "cheater" . . 80cc upgrade. DSCF8647.JPG On Oahu most roads (except freeways) are 35 mph, with 45 seen now and then. No motorcycle certification needed, also exempt from insurance, although I do carry it ! Plus, 60-70 mpg gives me a few extra $$$ for film ! Aloha, Bill
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  9. Joshua Tree National Park

    Bronica ETRS, 45-90mm Zenzanon PE zoom, 2001-dated Plus-X exposed at ISO 320, processed in Diafine.


  10. These have a really great look to them! Exposed at 320... is that according to the the "add X ISO for every 10 years rule" ??

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  11. Thanks! Hah, usually I would expose expired Plus-X at ISO 50 to 80 and develop in HC-110B, but after some experimentation I found that Diafine works great with expired (mid-1990s and newer) Plus-X at ISO 320 to 400. This was my plan when photographing Joshua Tree NP, that with a ISO that high I could use the 45-90 zoom in daylight at handheld shutter speeds (1/125 to 1/500) if I had to. Some spaces among the boulders were unaccommodating to tripod use (such as Arch Rock above) and the plan paid off.
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  12. Another from my History Vault. Yshicamat 124, 100Tmax, PMK-Pyro & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k7-098-002ces5 5x7-11x14.jpg

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