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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by Ricochetrider, May 8, 2020.

  1. H-203 + CJZ 180F2.8
    Notre Dame de Paris (after)



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  2. H-203 + CJZ 180F2.8 190422-H1-12-180.jpg
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  3. Can't help but notice that that CZJ 180 mm you have is a pretty bad lens, Jean Phillipe. Very soft. I can't make out whether the general haze/glare over the images is due to the lens also, or to processing/scanning. But i feel you and your images deserve a better lens. Il faut les deux, right? Try an Oberkochen 180 mm Sonnar. Go on! ;-)

    As for your images... can't wait to get back to Paris... Pesky Corona...
  4. Hello
    maybe not the best CJZ180 but lenses are beautiful...
    post processing or scanning could be best?
  5. H-203 + SA-250

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  6. point of view...
    H-203 + C 120F5.6 or SWC? 190414-H2-09-120C.jpg 190414-H3-11-swc.jpg
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  7. I don't know, the boats on the Seine look pretty sharp, focus appears to be just behind SUN-DAY. The chien is clearly front focused.

    I have an early CZJ version, and it's true that it is not quite as good as the Oberkochen lenses, but they have youth on their side.
  8. Hello
    do you have a picture of the Oberkochen lenses?
    Is-it CF 180F4.0?
  9. Mamiya 7 80 mm red filter developed in HC110 and Rodinal for 50 min.
  10. Hello
    can you explain "in HC110 and Rodinal" ?
    you the tow chemical or use one after the other?
  11. H-203 + F-50F2.8

  12. Hello everyone. It has been some time since posting here and now that my MF cameras are encased for my mainland stay, I have dug into the archives for a few. This one with an Agfa Isolette 3 / 85mm Apotar. Delta 400 and Obsidian Aqua developer (Pyro staining). Aloha, Bill 2k15-062-009 ces10.jpg

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