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  1. E24612DA-4DD3-436D-89A5-3A56A8AD0FB2.jpeg
    Mamiya-6 (75mm f3.5 Zuiko); Tri-X in D76.
  2. Fuji GX617, 90mm, Kodak Portra:

    Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Portra and Ektar:

  3. Is this taken with the folding camera or the more modern RF?
  4. The folding camera from the 1950s.
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  5. Great to see I am currently restoring one and looking forward to taking some images with it.
  6. It’s quite a capable little camera. The film plane focusing feels sturdy and is very easy to use.
  7. Mamiya 645DF+, 300mm APO, Phase One P45 back:
  8. Hasselblad 500c, 250mm Sonnar, Ilford Pan F Plus 50. On a happy side note, after a not insignificant span of time I got my 500cm body and 80mm lens back from repair and CLA!

  9. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Ektar:
  10. Takes me back to Laconia in the 60s !
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  11. Almost unbelievable , I rode to Laconia on Bsa's , Sportsters and Moto Guzzi LeMans for 25 years from the middle
    70's to 2000 , and hard tail Panheads were prolific :) . Peter

  12. There's a pretty active chopper scene happening right now. This pic was shot in NJ at a weekend chopper party back in October. Loads of bikes and some younger folks deeply involved. Lots of people rode in for this event, from as far away as Massachusetts and Connecticut, some from NY incl the city & Brooklyn, some from points south as well.
    Never been to Laconia bike week, might have to get up there some day. Though that's not typically my "thing", it might be fun once.
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  13. Shooting a lot of color film this summer and have really been loving Fuji Provia 100f
    Hasselblad 500c, 250mm Sonnar lens

  14. Poppies in East Central Arizona in a rare display. Pentax 6x7, 55-100 zoom @ 55mm. Velvia 50. FA1345j (1200x955).jpg
  15. Mamiya9 (smaller).jpg

    More from the Mamiya-6; Tri-X in D76.

    Mamiya12 (smaller).jpg
  16. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Ektar:
  17. Fuji GX617, 180mm, Kodak Ektar:
  18. 500c, 250mm Sonnar, Fuji Provia 100f
    I love this lens! Having fun with Provia too.

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  19. same gear, same film as above


    slight crop here :


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  20. This is one which I scanned in a few weeks back. It was taken at Addison Oaks Park, Oakland County, Michigan, October 1996. I used Ektachrome Professional 100 (5058). Over time, the transparency had gained a slight magenta hue. That was easily removed, and I really didn't have to crop much. The maples and oaks were absolutely riotous in color.[​IMG]
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