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  1. Well, there are a few photo threads over in Classic Manual Cameras, but none here. Why not start an ongoing photo thread for our MF cameras?

    Please share any image from any medium format camera. I'll start it off.
    Been shooting a lot lately, nothing much else to do on lock down.

    Here's a night shot: Hasselblad 500cm, 80mm Planar lens. I THINK this was shot on HP5, won't know til I get the negatives back


    I recently got an A16 film back for some 4x6 rectangles. This is Ilford Pan F Plus 50, my first use of this film stock in 120 format. 80mm Planar lens


    This next photo has a couple things going on: I recently bought some extension tubes for close-up work. This was among the first shots I took using either the 16 or 32 tube. I also have a spare, 500c camera body. I've owned it for a few years but until the other day, had never once shot anything with it. The next and final shot was my first photo with the 500c, using my 50mm Distagon lens, and the 32 tube, on Rollei Superpan 200 film- also my first use of this film in 120.


    Let's see your MF photos, please.
  2. 004MF Cristina N200 + close up + green filter.jpg Bronica S2a. Nikkor-P 200 + close up lens + green filter
  3. 001MF Pequeño Fotógrafo con Yashica Bronica S2A. Nikkor 75.jpg Bronica S2a. Nikkor-P 75. Kodacolor II (ASA 100)
  4. 002MF Bernardito Sable N75.jpg
    Bronica S2a. Nikkor-P 75. Vericolor II S ISO 100
  5. Taiwan, 2018, Pentax 6x7, 55-100 zoom, Velvia 50, published. TTW9 (1300x1031).jpg
  6. NICE, guys. Velvia 50, eh? Those colors leap.
  7. Yashicamat, 75mm Lumaxar Lens

  8. [​IMG]
    Because of Covid-19, I (sadly) had to turn my home darkroom into a working office for me and my family, so the transparency scanner has ended up inside a closet... this is an old scan I had on the computer.
    Mamiya 6 + 50/4. FP4+ on D76, yellow filter, f22 I guess.
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  9. Pentacon 6TL Zeiss Jena 80mm f/2.8 Biometar
  10. bronica s2a ilford xp2 75mm nikkor allaire 2019 bronica 120_0002.jpg
  11. Not my best scan. I probably needed to dial back the saturation a bit.
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  12. Lake Tahoe, Mamiya RB67SD, Kodak Ektar100

    Lake Tahoe ph.jpg
  13. 500 c/m, Planar 80 mm C T*, fp4+
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  14. Although my Agfa Isolette 2 or 3 (6x6) nor my Erconna II (6x9) have the latest-greatest lenses on them, with a bit of careful manipulation, they provide some interesting medium format negatives to work with. Film in the 2 & 3 was UFX 100, the Erconna had UFX 400 in it. All films developed in Pyrocat HDC. Stay Safe & Sane. Aloha Bill 2k19-017-002 ces13 sqr x bc sqr bm ce x-horz-vert xxx.jpg
  15. a 4.5x6 from my Hasselblad 500cm & the A16 film back on Ilford's Pan F Plus 50

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  16. From circa 2003, Pentax 67, 300 Takumar, Lake Powell. U560jL (1400x1111).jpg
  17. ^ Well that's a "pretty over the moon" amazing pic ! Peter
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  18. Thanks Peter! It was a major pain getting out to this location, with many miles of bad dirt roads. I don't recall if it has ever been published.
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