MD-12 Motor Drive Light Meter Problem

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  1. I have been using my Nikon FM2n for quite a while now and I love to take pictures with it. For the last month, I was thinking of buying MD-12 motor drive to add a new functionality and artistic possibilites to my camera. So I bought it and while the motor function works well I noticed that when I depress the shutter release halfway on MD-12 itself the light meter doesn't work. I end up pulling the film advance lever and metering my exposure through FM2n's own shutter release and this situation kills the original purpose of MD-12 which is being ready for fast moments. I checked the electronic contacs of both the camera and the motor drive and there is no corrosion at all. Can you help me on this matter? How can I fix it?

  2. The MD-12 duplicates the shutter button on the camera, and has a two position switch. It's perfectly possible that the internal first position switch contact in the MD is faulty or corroded, even if the contacts on top of the MD and the base of the camera are clean and shiny.

    One of the 4 MD/camera contacts communicates the meter-on switch, and you could use a multimeter to test continuity between the MD button and camera. I can't remember which contact it is now. It's been years since I used an MD12, or 35mm film. When I did use one I found its operation to be unreliable, with dirty battery contacts being the main issue. Plus doubling the weight of the camera for little gain in operability wasn't to my liking.

    I suggest you "work" the MD12 button a few times to see if it clears the problem. If not you have two options: repair the MD12 or return it.

    BTW, pulling the camera leverwind to its standoff position will override the MD12 controls and effectively switch it off.
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  3. Thank you for your recommendation. I contacted the website I bought the motor drive from and they generously offered to refund the money I paid for it. I will try to repair it myself.

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