MB-D10 Battery Pack not working

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by steve_fu, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. My MB-D10 Battery Pack was working well with my D300 before. I switched to using the internal battery and left the MB-D10 on the shelf for the last few month. Now I'm ready to put the MB-D10 on for the soccer season.
    However, the D300 just refuses to recognize the batteries from the MB-D10, regardless I use regular AA size or rechargeable. When the internal battery is there, the dials on the Battery Pack do work. But the batteries on the Battery Pack don't. The only thing I can think of is that the electric contacts on the D300 got dirty. I didn't use the D300 in a rough environment the last few months and I did clean the electric contacts. Any ideas??
  2. Make sure the two white dots on the battery pack are lined up - if they're not, you're camera is using the in-camera battery.
  3. The MB-D10 is set back to be the primary battery in the camera menus?
    Actually you may leave the MB-D10 to be the primary. If empty batteries in the MB-D10 or if MB-D10 removed, the camera switches to the internal battery.
  4. I have had problems with the tray for the AA batteries in my MB-D10. Many times it just would not make the connection between the tray and the MB-D10. I got around the problem by using the ENEL4 batteries
  5. +1 Michael B
    I have used the AA holder with Eneloops but have had the very, very occasional drop-out where the grip 'disappears' and contrary to some peoples' experience, mine locks up and won't re-engage (return to battery!) until a shutdown or a firm re-insertion of the battery mag into the base grip.
    I lost the a couple of shots that way and went to the Bl-3 and ENEL4 route......and never looked back.
    The inherent design problem with 8 x AA in series is that there's a whole bunch of contacts that all need to be perfect for it to work at all.
    I found the best way to ensure all the battery contacts were at-least fluff free was to roll the batteries whilst inserted like small rollers. Thus all battery <> battery and battery <> contact contacts were gently rubbed together.
  6. FWIW, I experienced a similar issue with my D600 and MB-D14. The folks at NSC Los Angeles told me to use only high performance (compared to alkaline) lithium batteries.
    They were kind enough to install them, along with a new shutter, gratis. Worked great.

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