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  1. Well,
    After leaving a phone message for Bill Maxwell, I was awakened Friday morning by
    his return call.

    Had a very pleasant and informative discussion and am expecting further email
    information in due course.

    Before I persue this matter further, I was wondering if there is anyone on this
    list who has experience with the Maxwell Hi-lux screen in a Contax 645?

    If so, what have been your overall impressions? Does one have to "compensate"
    for in-camera light meter readings,? How is it an "improvement" (if it is),
    over the original Contax screens?

    Thanks for any advice and feedback
  2. Only my opinion :<br>
    I like very much Bill Maxwell, who is an extremely nice guy, and has a great competence.<br>
    Its products are IMO undoubtedly better than all the others.<br>
    I mounted on my Rolleis a Maxwell groundglass borrowed to a friend who bought it when he was in the USA. <br>
    The sight is impressive. I don't know Contax screens, but what he does with Rollei screens is a huge improvement compared to original ones.<br>
    His groundglass is slightly better than the best original Rollei Ultra bright High-D screen. (The High-D screen has guide lines for 4,5x6cm frames, which I don't need). <br>
    So, no doubt that Maxwell screens will be an improvement compared to Contax glasses.<p>
    As I don't live in the United States, the only problem which I have with him, is the payment method.<br>
    If he had a secured website or if he used a system like Paypal, I would have already ordered the 4 groundglasses I need.<br>
    But it's a problem for me to have to give my credit card codes by email, phone or fax.<br>
  3. When I had a Contax 645, I had a Maxwell screen and it was excellent; much brighter and easier to focus in low light. No compensation was needed for in-camera metering. I currently use his screens in my Fuji GX680III and in my large format cameras and always highly recommend them to my workshop participants.

  4. I'll second Danny's comments. The Maxwell was a marked improvement over the original
    Contax. The Maxwell is brighter but also retains contrast as opposed to, say, a Beattie
    which is bright but lacks snap.

    I also have a Maxwell screen in my RZ which I love.

    For 5x4 I've got a satin Snow ground glass which is not only a great product but unfeasibly

  5. I have two Maxwell screens. One was custome made for my 1957 Baby Rolleiflex 4x4 and the other is in my Hasselblad 500C. Tremendous improvement from both.

    Maxwell screens are goo stuff. I'd give them a try.
  6. Not in a Contax, but I have had the Hi Lux in Hassy, Rollei and Nikon...GREAT.
  7. Dear Mr Llech,

    Regarding the payment issue about Maxwell screens, I would like to let you know that I purchased three screens and paid with my credit card without any problem.

    The trick is to send card details in different e-mails and then send the right sequence of numbers in another e-mail.


    Arthur Delabie
  8. Dear Mr. Delabie,
    what you say is exactly what I wrote : "But it's a problem for me to have to give my credit card codes by email, phone or fax."
    I only pay when I am sure to use a SSL technology.
  9. Dear Mr Llech,

    I understand your apprehension. I proceeded as follows to overcome possible frauds.

    - 1st e-mail: four digits of card number, called series B. No mention about the meaning of the number of course.
    - 2nd e-mail: another four digits, called series A
    - 3rd e-mail: four digits, called series D
    - 4th e-mail: four digits, called series C
    - 5th e-mail: expiration date
    - 6th e-mail: control number to the power of two
    - Phone call: right sequence of digits series, for example CDBA and the key to get the right control number (square root)

    Another option would be to get advice from the cipher office of the national defense (joke)


    Arthur Delabie
  10. This happened to me several years ago : <br>
    I sent my card data one half in 2 mails, the other half by fax.<br>
    What I ignored is that the guy used to copy out all this conscientiously (and of course in correct order) on a filecard, "'cause he had a memory like a sieve", he said after.<br>
    After his shop was burgled, I changed my mind about all that.<br>
    I am not a "belt and garters" guy, but now https or Paypal, and nothing else.<br>
    Have a nice day.<br>

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