Maximum SD card size for K100D

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mc2imaging, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I'm having trouble with using an 8 Gig class 2 card in a K110D. I'm guessing it can't read a card that big, but it leaves me wondering... can anyone tell me the maximum size the 110 can use? I've been through the manual 6 times and can't find a reference to the largest recognized size. I know 2 Gig cards will work, and 8 obviously won't. I have no 4 Gig cards to try. Anyone?
  2. Can't help with the K110d, but on my k100d my Scandisk Ultra II SDHC 4 and 8 gig cards work fine. They are the same generation cameras and it would seem odd for the same cards not to work in each. I think the question is will it take SDHC cards? However, I did have SIGNIFICANT read/write errors from generic 4 and 8 gig SDHC cards in both the k100d and k20d which worked ok in my Canon P&S. After many frustration with the cheaper cards I bought several scandisk cards and have not had a problem with any camera except the little Optio wpi which can't use the HC cards, so it's limited to 2 gig plain SD cards.
  3. Matthew, I believe that there were firmware updates to handle SDHD cards on the K110D. Do check the Pentax site.
  4. I haven't encountered any problems using Kingston's 8GB Class 6 SDHC card on my K100D Super, and as Michael said, you might wanna check for a firmware update on the K110D. If i recall correctly, it wasn't compatible with SDHC cards initially.
    Otherwise, do try other 8 Gig cards.
    Good luck.
  5. I have the K100D (non Super), and found out about needing to update the firmware when I purchased a 4-gb card and it would not work. The update is super easy and took about 90 seconds to do. No problems at all with using 4 & 8 gb cards -- I use Lexar cards.
  6. Matt, I have 16 gig SDHC cards (mainly for the K20D), which I have used in my K100D when finding myself without the 4 gig cards I normally use in the K100D. As has been mentioned, you need the firmware update to use SDHC cards, irrespective of size.

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