Maximum Film Thickness

Discussion in 'Minox' started by catherine__, May 2, 1999.

  1. What is the maximum thickness of film that can be reloaded without breaking a minox 8 x 11 camera?
  2. Amoung currently available Minox factory loaded film, Minopro film is
    the thickest, which is about 6 mil is , imo, the limiting thickness
    for Minox 8x11; beyond that, the pressure plate may have problem, in particular the
    curved presure plate of Minox A/B may not be able to press the thick
    film tight against the curved film plane.<P>
    In my own application, I limit the film thickness at 5.5 mil (AGFA
    film ). In the thread "Minox cassette capacity", I listed only
    up to 5.5 mil.<P>If you use factory loaded film, there is no problem <P>If you slit your own film, 5.5 mil is about the thickest film you can cut
    comfortable with Minox slitter, beyound that, the film may chip and break, and damage the padding of the slitter; and you will avoid thick film like

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