Max Kozloff Exhibit at Chicago Art Institute

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  1. I took a day off work and made a photography foray into downtown Chicago today. I often walk from the Metra Station to the Chicago Art Institute. I decided to stop in today to look at some of the Impressionists. The basement has a photography section and I always pop in there to see what's going on. I lucked out in stumbling across an exhibit centered around Max Kozloff's criticism and photography. Looking at the link above, I just realized that the exhibit does not officially begin until tomorrow (Oct 5).
    What a treasure trove. The exhibit includes work by many photographers that Kozloff has discussed in various of his books and essays: August Sander, Walker Evans, Helen Levitt, Berenice Abbott, Danny Lyons, William Klein, Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand, Jeff Mermelstein, Diane Arbus...many many more. Most of the photos included smallrelevant blurbs by Kozloff himself. It was wonderful to see prints up close by so many photographers I admire.
    The exhibit also has quite a few of Kozloff's own photographs. Many of them quite good. I have only been familiar with Kozloff as a critic and art historian, not as a photographer. There are a series of portraits of various people (including a very interesting one of Francesca Woodman, interesting in that it seems to echoe her style in a tongue-in-cheek homage), as well as a number street photographs.
    They had also very nicely set out a long table with exhibition copies of many of Kozloff's works. So one could sit down and read his writings, or look through the photographs he included in them. It was a wonderful and unexpected afternoon. If anyone is in the Chicago area, or visiting during the period of the exhibit, it is well worth your while to stop in and see it.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I may even be able to get to see it if my plans work out.
  3. I had trouble getting on to either the link or the Art Institute right now, but did find out some disturbing news:
    Those looking to see the Art Institute of Chicago’s many Picasso paintings will be hit with a surprise. On Sept, 3, the institution quietly closed its renowned European Modern galleries, alerting museumgoers with a third-floor placard: “Come celebrate the opening of the modern galleries April 2014.”​

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