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  1. i have been told about Nielsen Bainbridge framing products as one of the leading in the world. I would be
    interested in contacting a few others of the same callibre before placing an order. Could someone please
    message me with a list of 2 or 3 other companies that are renowned for their framing products - what im
    ideally after is Matt Boards (acid free, etc) thank you
  2. i bought my frames, matts, backing, UV glass, etc., from here:
    since i live "fairly" close to the company, i was able to pick my purchase up. saved a good amount since with the glass, the shipping would've been high(i had 14 pieces for a show of mine). customer service was wonderful :)
  3. I've used archival quality products (N-B, Strathmore, Lineco, others) purchased from a local retail store of Jerry's Artarama for many years. See this link - Request a catalog or browse the site for more details.
  4. Light Impressions,

    amercian frame


    superior archival
  5. +1 for light impressions
  6. For mat board, I will not use anything less than Bainbridge Alphamat. About $11 per
    32x40 sheet at retail. Around $8-9 from a distributor. $6 mattboard, say from Crescent,
    will yellow at the bevel after a year or so.

    Light Impressions has a nice catalog for browsing, but extremely high prices. I use it to
    see what's available and purchase elsewhere.

    If you're going to be matting a lot of work to one size, consider having your matts cut in
    bulk. For example, you can get custom cut 16x20 matts from FrameFit for less than $3
    each in quantity 25, using Bainbridge Alphamat. That's about the price of an uncut 32x40
    sheet at the retail level.
  7. Bainbridge mat board is probably best since they have exclusive patent rights on their Artcare process which allows their mat board to actually help protect the artwork. Nielsen is the leader in metal moulding and Nielsen & Bainbridge as a hole is one of very few manufactures I am aware of that make true archival ready-made frames. I own a company photography picture frame company that sells mostly Nielsen & Bainbridge products, so I am biased.

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