Matrix'ing the PN-11

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by arnabdas, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Can the PN-11 be made matrix-compatible? I'd guess it doesn't need a
    chip -- just the linkages?
  3. Thanks Vivek!

    Now only if someone could do this for me for a reasonable fee.. let me see -- Roland Eliott might be the one.
  4. Arnab, Send me the PN-11 and the Kenko tube. If you can bear with me (time that is- 2-3months- to be on the safe side) I will do it for you. No charge! Vivek.
  5. Vivek you're generous! I'm ok with the timeline :) Seriously -- if agree tehn I will send them across (buy online and ship to your address) early next year (mid-Jan). BTW R Elliott doesn't do PN-11's ...

    Perhaps you can already guess that I'm doing all this for just that tripod collar?!
  6. I emailed Damien and asked him how much he'd charge to do his modification. He said 1500 euros. :) There's a small market for this sort of thing, but a market nontheless for this kind of modification.

    Rolland Elliot has recently shortened his list of lenses that he will 'chip'. I emailed him to ask if he'd be putting the 28mm f/2.8 back on his list and he said he is too busy to take on more lenses. Because of that, I doubt he'd do anything like the PN-11 modification.
  7. Arnab, Do that. Vivek.
  8. Arnab, I didn't think you cared that much about Matrix metering?? I remember you saying that you almost always found middle tone subjects?? Does the FM3A have matrix?
    Is this for your new swanky D70 for Spot/Focus area combo?
    Anyway how is the US treating you?
  9. Hi Ajay,

    I still don't care about matrix metering but I do care about some sort of metering!! If you didn't already know -- the D70 meter goes dead if anything non-CPU is fitted, including the PN-11.

    And yes, I'm loving my US trip!
  10. Yeah, I am 'chipping' my 400 3.5 for the same purpose of using it with a DSLR in the new future. I have the PN-11 and would rather get an inexpensive incident meter or something to keep it usable (and ofcourse add Shaw's formulae for macro, reciprocity etc). BTW, I am still attached to my trusty F5 but the lure of a 600 3.5 (1.5X)is just too much temptation. Rolland Elliott is currently converting my lens.
    Well glad to hear you are enjoying your stay. I can send you some good links for Bird Photography in Florida. Let me know or Google it.

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