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  1. I'm getting familar with a Master Technika. It has a cammed 150mm
    lens which focuses well but if I go too far down the track, beyond
    the closest focusable point, the cam slips out of place and I have to
    manually reset it. Should there be some way to stop this from
    occuring? Also, I have a 90mm 6.8 Rodenstock that needs to be
    cammed. Do I send in the camera with the lens, or just the lens? If
    I sent in the camera it could also be cleaned and checked.
  2. I don't know the answer to your first question. With respect to camming the Rodenstock, one of the advantages of the Master Technika (and the Tech V) relative to earlier Technikas is that you supposedly need only send in the lens to have it cammed. However, when I asked Marflex about camming a lens for my Tech V a couple years ago they wanted me to send in the camera as well as the lens.
  3. The cam shouldn't be slipping out of place when you go past its limit. Sounds like something is out of adjustment.

    You can send in the lens only, but if you send in the camera, they can confirm your groundglass calibration and can set the infinity stops and scale more precisely than you can.
  4. To cam a Master Technika you only have to send the lens in. However camming also
    incudes infinity stops (which have to be positioned at just the right point) as well as the
    focusing scale.

    When you send your camera in with the lens the lens is cammed to your specific camera. If
    you don't send the camera in it is calibrated to our show camera (in the U.S.). Service then
    installs the infinity stops and the focusing scale and tests your camera and lens and then
    returns it to you.

    If you install the infinity stops yourself, and mistakenly position them in the wrong spot,
    and you have tightened the scres in the stops, you will make a small dimple in the track as
    the screws are pointed. When you then reposition the stops you leave a visible dimple in
    the track. That does not occur if you send the camera in with the lens.

    Cost for camming is the same in either case.

    As for the follower slipping off the cam - that should be looked at.

    From whom did you buy your camera?
  5. Don't take a chance with just sending in the lens as it will cost you nothing more to send in both the camera and the lens. As Bob stated, you will have the comfort knowing that everything is your system has been calibrated. Krekor at Marflex is are about as good a technician as you will possibly find. When my Master came back I checked it against my loup at various focusing discances and it was virtually on the money. Surely, getting the cam problem will require the camera goes to the shop. I use Fed Ex exclusively for this as you know that it will get there and back to you as quickly and as safely as possible.
  6. Linhof Germany wants the camera and every lens sended in to cam an other one.

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