Masking for 35 mm?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by howard_dvorin, Jul 27, 2001.

  1. I have been reading recent posts with regard to masking(unsharp).
    Is this technique feasible for 35 mm.
    Howard Dvorin
  2. Quite a difficult thing to do, I guess. I think the best solution is
    to enlarge your negs first, then make your unsharp mask, then print
    by contact. There is a very interesting article by Ctein in the
    July/August "Photo Techniques" about the direct positive Kodak film
    (SO 139, I think) that helps you to enlarge negs in one step.
  3. There is no reason that you can't mask with 35mm. In fact, the
    sprocket holes make registration even easier. There is no need to
    produce enlarged negatives.
  4. I have 10 years experience in masking 35mm (profesional lab)in
    1. dont produce the mask in contact; use one camera to do one 1:1
    copy for the mask. (dust)
    2. develop the film / mask.
    3. mounting the negative and the mask, best in one dia-frame (with
    glas) or with one paper on side (for handling)
    More information and adress, send e-mail!

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