Marshall's Beach

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  1. I wanted to test out my Nikon D500 and Tokina AT-X Pro 14-20mm f/2 for some landscape photography. This combo is better than what I had years ago with the Sony A850 and any lenses I could find to use on it. The DR of the D500's DX/APS-C format sensor outperforms circa 2009 FX/135 format sensors, and the resolution differences can easily come down to the lenses uses and the Tokina lens I am now using is outstanding (in spite of some fixable distortion and CA, and some sometimes troublesome field curvature).

    For reference, here is Marshall's Beach on January 15, 2021:

    At this point there should have been a beach down there, but a high surf advisory meant there wasn't going to be much sand to put in the foreground.

    Waiting for Golden Hour.

    This photo has proven to be quite fun for me with one layer to apply a curve to the sky, another layer to apply a different curve to the water in the foreground, a couple of different layers to apply curves for the rocks in the center of the frame, a little burning and cloning (pesky birds) here and there, and finally I dodged the waves splashing in the very center of the frame.

    Handheld. I can't help but be impressed how the D500 does at ISO 500. Even viewed fairly closely some judicious NR and subsequent sharpening does wonders for a fundamentally sound digital file.

    On a tripod with a wireless remote, so I didn't get my feet wet taking this shot.
  2. A strange thing happens on sometimes, you post photos at 3:12 pm and I get them at 3:08 pm.
  3. That third image is stunning!
    I was stunned when I realized that the D700 did no better at base ISO than the D300 - and even more when I realized that the D7100/D7200 and now the D500 performed so much better.
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  4. That is indeed strange.
  5. Send me the Lotto numbers four minutes before the drawing, I'll be at the liquor store.
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  6. me too but unfortunately most lotteries have a 2 hour black-out prior to drawing the numbers
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  7. Beautiful results, thanks for posting!
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