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  1. Does anybody have a real, extra or used copy of the E-1 user manual? I have
    printed the manual off the cd, but 8 1/2 x 11 pages do not fit easily in my
    camera bag. I have Spanish or French editions to trade if thet helps.
  2. If you have a palm or other pda maybe your best bet is to load the pdf version of the manual onto it. What I really like about the pdf format of the manuals is that the page numbers of the paper manual and pdf version are the same; the Table of Contents and Index is still useable in pdf format.


  3. This is kind of funny in a sense. The operation of the E-1 does require a manual because it has so many options and buttons. How to set white balance. How to bracket exposures. How to connect to a TV. And on and on. When I got mine with the 6 by 8 187 page manual,I decided it would be good for trips, but I wanted a duplicate so I could have a "working copy." I called Oly Tech Support and lo and behold they sent me a bound 8 by 10 copy of the manual,double side printed and sturdily bound. I have an IPAQ and I am sure I can probably download the PDF onto it (Window CE 4.0 I believe. Thanks for the tip,Dennis. I have a hard time reading print on IPAQ VGA screen. But it is better than no reference at all.
  4. So now I need a pda. Another gadget, another charger and another usb cable to go with all the other gadgets, chargers and usb cables that have already taken over my desk. Another gadget, but this is not necessarily a bad thing

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