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  1. A group of users have decided to embark on an enterprise designed to
    utilise more interpretive skills ? a subject photo open to
    manipulation, and personal perception.

    The general idea is that a single photo per week will be the subject
    image. This will be posted here .

    Users are invited to submit their own personal take on the image, and
    add their submission to the critique thread.

    The rules? Well RE has so graciously offered to host this forum, so
    will be the recipient of the subject photo submissions, and will also
    post the one photo per week.

    People submitting subject photos need to understand that once their
    photo has been offered up, they can?t take personally anything that
    is done to the shot ? but obviously, deliberately offensive
    submissions are discouraged.

    To see a history and example of what is intended, as well as details
    for subject photo submission, please look here
    What we?re trying to do here is have a little fun, encourage
    discussion, and see what happens to an image when seen through a
    variety of eyes.

    Hope you can join us!
  2. Sounds fun. How do we submit photos to RE? Once he's selected a photo for the week, do we then just enter our take on it, below that photo?
  3. Hi Ivan,

    The history of the idea gives you the details and yes, just posts below in the critique section.

    Have a look at the first one to get the idea.

    Cheers, Ellen
  4. Sounds good to me. When is the next picture going to be selected? Is there a selection committee?
  5. r_e


    Well done, Ellen!

    Emre, up to now there is no need to select :))

    Please read the "History" and let me add that the "selection" of the subject picture is of less importance than the results. Seems to become more a task of civil service. Maybe one picture after another...

    We shall start next week (10).

  6. interesting!
  7. v


    This is really good fun, as discovered. What's worse, once started, can't stop! It becomes a mania, a violent need to manipulate an image posted by R E. Very dangerous it can be ;) But let's indulge anyway! :)

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