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  1. A long exposure using a rolleiflex 2.8f. Very inky result, but I thought it turned out okay. A6AC6384-08B6-42CE-90F5-271BB38A5598.jpeg
  2. The image looks like it was produced using infrared film.
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  3. No such luck, just good old Tri-X
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  4. Nice image. My favorite black & while films for night time exposures are Tri-X, HP5+, FP4+, and Kentmere 100. When it was available in bulk I used Fuji Acros 100 (had great reciprocity characteristics).
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  5. In a previous life when I shot film, I often used Tri-X because of its versatility.
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  6. To my taste, the blacks are too black and, as you say, inky. The water loses its sense of "wateriness" and the buildings have a graphic look which, in itself is not a problem, except these have a false graphic look, kind of a not photogenic graphic look in which the blacks of the buildings look cut out as if they're being replaced by the black of the sky.
  7. I rather like it as it appears on my screen, I guess it just suits me. Back in the newspaper film days Tri X was what I shot every day, still a favorite although there are a couple of others as well these days.

    Rick H.
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