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  1. I have a tripod which I am thinking of selling. I cant find any info on this tripod as far as price goes. It is a Manfrotto model # 3036. It has a head which is Manfrotto model #3047.. The head has three adjusting handles on it. The condition is like new. I believe I only used it once. Any information on this tripod will be appreciated. Thaniks in advance.
  2. It's been my tripod of choice for years. I bought mine from B&H Photo in the 80's. It will support most any camera, up to and including 8x10. The 3047 head, a three-axis type, is my favorite, and every tripod I own (eight) uses this head. For me, it's far superior to any ball head since each axis of movement is independently controlled. I also used it as a studio tripod with dolly wheels attached.

    However, the downside is its weight. I use it when I don't have to travel far from my car. It's not one to consider for hiking, and I have others which are lighter for that purpose.

    The Manfrotto 475 is its replacement. I also own one of those courtesy of an estate sale.

    It's going to be difficult to sell it in today's "lightweight" environment, and considering the carbon fiber competition. I've seen them sell for less than $100 used, but I recently saw one at a local dealer, and he was asking $200 for a 475-B. I'd ask $150 for the unit, but be prepared to knock dollars off that number if you really want to move it.
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    check complwtwd sales on Ebay.
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