Manfrotto Elbow bracket vs Kirk L bracket 67II

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by iversonwhite, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. I needed an L bracket to use with my P67II and my Nikon D300. I have a Manfrotto 3047 head that takes the quick release hex plate so I bought the Manfrotto elbow bracket. It works fine except that I have to remove the P67II hotshoe grip to use it. It's kind of inconvenient, especially if I want to use flash, even though there's a work-around. The Kirk L bracket 67II plus hex plate adapter eliminates this problem but it costs almost $300.00 more. My question is which one would you go with?
  2. For pure quality Kirk. It will fit the P67II like a glove and eliminate any twisting on the camera. I'm not sure how the Manfrotto mounts on the camera but it its anything like the hex plate I used in the past, the cork pad will make it slip and you don't want that when you have such a big camera as the P67II on there. If you mount the Kirk on the hex plate, then you might as well not bother with the Kirk since the main advantage will be lost.
    Whether its worth and extra $300 is a question only you can answer but quality-wise, the Kirk is about the best you can get if you use an Arca system. If you use the Kirk as a base for another system then don't bother with it.
  3. Thanks, Chuck,
    FWIW the Manfrotto bracket has has a rubber pad.

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