Manfrotto 268 ball head

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by carlosquandt, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Could somebody tell me where to find specifications about Manfrotto
    268 ball head?
    Thanks, Carlos
  2. david_henderson


    Is there a 268? I think there's a 468 and that there used to be a 168. Have you tried the Manfrotto and Bogen web-sites? If it isn't on those there may not be one.
  3. David, there is a 268 ball head.
    I've been at manfrotto's web but the 268 doesnt appear betwen their actual products.
    I know its load capacity is 14kg, but I want to to know its weigh..
    Thanks, Carlos
  4. Yes there is a 268 Super Ball Head (Bogen 3038). Well ... there used to be. It is discontinued now. According to an old Manfrotto product brochure I have: 16cm high, 1.54kg mass, supports up to 12kg. Takes the Manfrotto hexagonal release plates.

    I used to own one. It is big ball head, but I didn't find the tension control to be very smooth (a common flaw with older Manfrotto ballheads).

    The closest current production equivalent is the 490RC4.
  5. Thanks Michael, you are right :)
    1.54kg for the old 268 and 1.12 for the new 490RC4

    Regardless this, what do you think about using this ball head as a 3 way head, for landscapes?
    Would it be very difficult to adjust it fast and precise?
    Thanks, Carlos

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