Mamyia 7 in tropical climes

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  1. Hi there, I have been involved in an ongoing project photographing mining in Tropical countries. I have been so far relying on my Canon digital system ( 5d mk2 + various lenses ) which has suited me very well - I am often in situations where I have very little time to set up before being rushed off to the next shot and people are a little wary so I don't get to set up my tripod as often as I probably should.
    However although I am generally very pleased with the results from the Canon when it comes to producing a show from this work I am going to want at least one large, sumptuous print and the limit for the Canon to my eyes is about 24 x 36 ( I am very fussy I know). I don't know if its a question of simply resolution or just that smooth, indefinable look of film thats missing. I am thinking of buying a mamyia 7 to fill this gap and take along with the digital system. My questions are : What is the weather sealing like on the Mamyia 7? Where I go tends to be very hot and steamy. The 5d weather sealing is a little weak so I have to be extra careful but haven't had any problems- how does it compare with the mamyia ?Another worry with film is putting it through the scanners at airports (particularly in developing countries where their scanners are supposed to be stronger and more rudimentary) - is this a genuine concern?
    I would be very grateful for any experience / advice.
  2. If you are using Fuji film, I think all the boxes still have in red print the warning regarding x-rays. This is how I carry my film through airport security. Sometimes they are agree to hand inspection, but most of the time not. It's worth a try.
    I have set up a studio in Thailand now, and am learning about the hot and steamy. Handling film requires greater care. Coming here from the Nordic world, I'm re discovering perspiration. The film will be ok so long as the surface is not touched by anything other than the backing paper wrapped around it. As for the Mamiya 7, I'd keep in a zip-lock bag all the time until used. If possible air it out in the evenings if your sleeping quarters are any dryer than where you've been during the day. If it is super wet out, give it a few minutes gentle blowing with a hair drier with the back open, and place it in a dry zip-lock whilst warm. Worse would be if you were at sea, chasing a yatch race. Then the only camera to take for reliability would be a newish Leica R.
    Image quality? An enlarged, especially over enlarged print from film, is leaps and bounds better to look at than digital images greatly enlarged.
    There are a number of pros, especially in Europe, who use digital simply to meet work flow demands, but will use film for the work they love.

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