Mamiya Universal and Polaroid 600 SE lenses

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yefei_he|1, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hello, Friends,

    Could somebody tell me if there is a relatively easy way
    to distinguish between Mamiya Universal and Polaroid 600 SE
    lenses? I know Mamiya made 127mm, 150mm and 75mm lenses for
    both systems. Short of trying them on actual bodies, is there
    a way to identify them by looking at photos of them, say the
    mount, the wording on the filter ring, etc? So far I noticed
    all the Polaroid lenses were marked Mamiya, not Mamiya-Sekor.
    Is that always the case? Thanks.


  2. The Polaroid lenses have a knurled rubber focusing grip. The Mamiya Press/Universal lenses have grooved metal grips. I have an inkling that the only exception to this *might* be very, very late 127mm Universal lenses.
  3. Thanks, Ray. This should be very helpful.


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