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  1. hello all! i am brand new to the forums and to camera (besides point & shoot kind), but i just recieved a very cool
    lens from around 1960 that was last used in korea after the war over 30yrs ago. so i definitely want to take it out and
    use it!
    the girl i got it from (it was her father's) said it wouldn't fit any of her cameras. so i will wondered if anyone could tell
    me what types & brands of cameras can i get to fit this lens.
    this is what is written on the lens exactly, :

    auto mamiya/sekor es 1:3.5 f=200mm no.11017

    will this only fit on a specific mamiya camera? can it fit on any other brand of camera? any knowledge on this would
    be greatly appreciated!!
    thanks in advance for helping a novice! :)
  2. There are still a zillion old mamiya 35mm camera's listed daily on e-bay and there very inexpensive The 500 msx was a very good model and I think they also made a 1000 MSX. Do a suearch under vintage Mamiya and you'll be in business.
  3. Mamiya had the bad habit of changing lens mounts pretty much every time they came out with a new line of cameras. Unfortunately, the ES series of lenses have a specific bayonet will only fit the Mamiya XTL and the X-1000, unlike their earliest line, which used the M42 mount (like Gary mentioned) Here is a page about the XTL series:
  4. found a mamiya vintage camera called 528tl... is that part of the xtl series? would the lens fit that camera? it's a good price but there's only an hour 1/2 left on the auction and i want to make sure it will fit before i bid.... any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks! :)
  5. The 528TL is a rather simple camera, I think it is one of the few SLRs with leaf shutter (shutter inside the lens barrel). The lens is not completely interchangeable, there were just a wide angle and a tele aux (converter) lens. The ES lens you found will NOT fit on this camera and on no other Mamiya camera than those mentioned in the link posted earlier.
  6. I have a Mamiya Sekor lens, 35 mm, f1.8, with a ES mount. I verified that the Kwii adapter for Fujinon lens can be used to adapt this lens to a NEX câmera. This adapter is used to adapt a X-Fujinon 55 mm f2,2 lens to my NEX Sony câmera. It fits, apparentally, perfectly. Two problems remains:
    1 - the lock pin of the adapter does not coincide with the hole of the Mamiya lens. So I will glue the lens in the adapter to not be loose.
    2 - to change manually the aperture lens, it is necessary to put the internal aperture lever of the Mamiya lens in the final position, with glue or by other mecanic way, because the pin of the Kwii adapter that has this function, is not in the correct position, with regard the Mamiya lens.[​IMG]
  7. The ES Mamiya lens worked perfectly with[​IMG] the Kwii Fujinon lens adapter. I will attach a photo made with this sollution.

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