Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL

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  1. I celebrated my 56th birthday on 12-12-12 -- an auspicious date, seeing that I was born in 1956, 56 years before. A friend gave me a gift certificate from Huron Camera, which of course, might possibly be the best place locally to have a certificate from (at least for me!). I made my way over to Dexter, and as usual, checked out the "bargain bins" in the back of the store. In one of them sat an SLR camera that I have seen very few examples of -- a Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL. Now, me swearing off buying another camera, especially an M42 mount SLR, went out the window when I saw that the cameras was only 10 bucks -- with a Rikenon 50mm lens. I checked all the functions, and aside from the battery-less condition, it seemed to work just fine. When I was at the counter, I saw that they had a 55mm 1.8 Sekor lens that matched the camera (including the original cool lens cap) for $29.00. So, I bought the lens, the camera, some Ektar 100 film, and spent my gift certificate. When I got home, I read up online about the camera, and sure enough, the camera uses a modern LR-44 battery! I cleaned the terminals, put in a battery, and the meter worked. That was a nice surprise. I loaded the camera with some Tmax 100 and over the course of a week, shot two rolls. I developed them the other day, and am quite happy with the results.
    First, the camera:
    Bamboo Wall:
    Interrupted Reflection:
    Well used:
    Home and Garden:
    One wheel short:
  2. I decided the other day that if I should ever go back to shooting film (which I probably will not), I would build a collection of screw-mount bodies and lenses. What you have there would be a welcome addition to such a collection -- nice find. Happy birthday!
  3. The camera looks prettier than the lens and your samples are very nice.
  4. Another classic style camera. Really very attractive, I think.
    I like the "interrupted reflections" especially.
  5. I hate to tell you this, but the lens doesn't match the camera, exactly. That lens went with the DSX/MSX line of cameras which came after the TL/DTL. Good that the meter works, it's the biggest issue with these.
  6. Spiffy clean looking example, Mark. Nice series of pics.
  7. SCL


  8. Great looking Mamiya, and their lenses were always first class as you can see in the bamboo wall shot. I have a few ;lenses for my Rollei SL35 which are re-branded Sekors. Happy birthday as well, mine was on Boxing day, and like you I only get one present!
  9. My DTL is also a 500. It came with the 55/1.4 silver and black lens. I find it much more pleasant to use than any of the pre-F Spotmatics. Pushing the advance lever toward the body for the stop-down metering is smooth. I have seen pictures of the 2000 DTL but never the camera itself. The choice between spot and average metering was an advanced feature for the 1968 time frame of the 500 and 1000 DTL cameras. Seeing your camera has brought back my self-timer envy.
  10. Great series. My dad had a 1000 TL and I learned about SLR photography with it. Thanks for posting.
  11. Very nice find Mark and happy bday, nice photos as well.
  12. great shots. fine results and a super bargain.
    I have one M42 camera but for some reason the pricing of mamiya
    M32 cameras seems high.
    From what I read they were OK but not outstanding as were many other popular cameras.
  13. I also have a 1000 DTL, but it is a black model. Unfortunately, the mirror has stopped working, so I can't shoot with it.
    I would love to see what kind of pictures it could take, I love the quality of my Mamiya medium format gear.
  14. Bob: Thanks for that link! I had not seen those. I did blog about the camera here:
  15. A Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL. My first real camera. I got it for Christmas in 1972, when I was 16. GREAT camera. A total sweetheart. With that spot and averaging meter, you didn't need anything else. You could meter on anything you wanted. GREAT camera. I would shoot Tri-X, develop in Microdol 1:3, and get negatives sharp as a tack and not a bit of grain. Did I mention what a GREAT little camera this is? I'm going to go get mine out right now and play with it. FLOP, goes the shutter--smooth as silk.
  16. I just noticed--In the picture, that isn't the lens that came on that camera. The original had an ordinary straight knurling in the metal, and had smaller numbers. That lens came off a 1975 or so model after the Sekor name was dropped in 1975 or so. Good lens though--good enough to keep it reasonably real.
  17. My first SLR was a Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL with Mamiya/Sekor 55mm f1.8 lens. I bought it in February 1974 when I was 17 and it took lots of saving from my after school job to pay for it. I have such good, warm, nostalgic feelings about that camera! I sold it in 1976. Enjoy yours!

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