Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Shutter speed problem

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  1. Hey all,

    This is my first post here. I hope that I will learn something new today because my RZ has been having some issues about the shutter speeds lately.

    I noticed a few weeks ago when I was doing long exposures (under 1 minute) on bulb mode with a mirror lock up and lens (140mm) on N mode that when I finish the exposure by releasing the cable on the body, there was no click-sound that comes when the shutter closes. The shutter button on the body was facing the white dot, battery was fresh (silver oxide) and the dark slide was removed. I took off the film back and switched the body to M mode to see how the camera performs. I was shocked when I saw that the camera seems to be locked on the mechanical mode and therefore it shot only at 1/400.

    It doesn't matter if I use the mirror lock up or not, built in shutter speeds or the bulb mode, the RZ still shoots only at 1/400. It is clearly visible that the shutter closes immediately after I open it. If I, for example, try to shoot with a 2 second shutter speed, the shutter closes immediately but there is a little click sound coming from the body exactly after 2 seconds. To make things even more bizarre, when I try to shoot the RZ over and over again without the film back, shutter speeds start to work for a while and then when I get back to the RZ after a few minutes, it AGAIN shoots only at the fastest speed. It seems to have a mind of its own.

    Anyone facing similar issues? I am wondering whether this is a problem on the body or a problem on the lens. I have no other lenses to try with and unfortunately there are no other RZ users in my area. Thanks!

    (sorry for occasional bad English)

  2. Had same problem with a Bronica. Was the lens.
  3. I hope that this case is also about the lens. My RZ is now being checked at the company I bought it from, so fingers crossed.
  4. It sounds like the problm is eith the battery. I tried using lithiumbatteries once and the camera would only fire the shutter at 1/400. Changed back to Duracell alkalines and it worked perfectly.
  5. I had the RZ checked and they said it was the lens. Bought a new one and now its working perfectly. Yay!
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  6. Glad you are sorted. I will stick to my RB67. No electronics. Electronic cameras are a pita.
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