Mamiya RZ lens problem

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  1. I was considering purchasing an RZ lens earlier today but when I examined it the outer barrel was loose - could move around 5 mm, the aperture ring had no 'clicks' and when I test fired the lens on my camera the shutter locked up and I couldn't re-cock the shutter until the shutter fault alarm sounded. The person selling the lens is going to get the lens serviced but I was wondering if any of you knew what the problem with the lens might be - and whether it can be fixed?
    Many thanks
  2. I can't address your loose barrel directly, and with the numerous available RZ lenses on the market...why should you?
    I would move on...leave this lens alone. My two cents.
  3. Marc,
    Thank you for your reply.
    The reason is that it is one of the RZ lenses that doesn't come up on the market very often.
  4. The wobble, combined with the shutter fault leads me to believe that the lens may have been dropped or suffered impact damage otherwise. The lack of the aperture clicks also could mean that the lens has been opened and messed with by someone who didn't know what they are doing. While it may be repairable, I would second passing it up (or bargain down the price significantly with the knowledge that it will have to be repaired by a professional/Mamiya).
  5. Agree with both the above. Just about every lens ever made for the RZ comes up pretty regularly and one has only to be patient - I can't think of one that hasn't been offered on e-bay in the last 18 months- plenty of 37mm, 75sb, 250, 500 apos and many on auction. With these lenses condition is all. A quality repair job with parts (not necessarily available for rarer lenses) may well cost more than you would pay for a mint example. Don't waste your cash- just hang in there!
  6. Often times it's a simple fix of tightening a spanner ring somewhere. Most of the RZ lenses have what's called a "main fixing nut" that is a spanner nut, holding the front cell and barrel to the shutter assy and main part of the barrel. If you are handy, these are fairly easy lenses to work on. I've had several apart for minor fixes and they are pretty logical. Mamiya USA is helpful supplying parts and diagrams for service needs. Sometimes a lens with minor looseness can be had for a serious bargain. I got a near-mint 140 M/L-A and 250APO that way, for hundreds less than the normal going rate.
    that said, most of the RZ glass can be had w/o much trouble, they all seem available most of the time on ebay and elsewhere.
    good luck
  7. Dear Ed,
    Many thanks for the information - and to all the others who have suggested I look out for the lens I am after in better condition. I am waiting to hear back from the original seller and mainly asked my original question to find out what might have needed to have been done.
    I have looked at e-bay and seen "As New" lens for sale on Buy-It-Now from Taiwan. Does anyone have experience of buying Mamiya lenses from this seller.
    Best Wishes

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