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  1. But on a lighter tripod it is a bit top heavy steady but top heavy.. I used mine around and about on my modified Benbo Trekker. ( STUPID WOBBLEY PLASTIC ANGLE MOUNT Done away with) As the Benbo No 1 and the RB67 with prism would be like carrying a (three legged) horse around...
  2. Top heavy? The absolute worst MF camera, balance-wise, I ever shot was a Pentax 6x7. Flip that baby into portrait orientation without a properly situated leg and it can hit the deck as that huge polar moment of gravity kicks in. For me, the Mamiya never delivered a moment of instability or soft images on a lighter tripod. YMMV, as usual.
  3. I believe that. Even with the RB on a light tripod you need to be carefull.
  4. Don't laugh but I have just discovered a camera that really excites me. It's the Mamiya 645E. They are smaller, lighter, less expensive, has a built-in meter, no dark slide to work around and they were all made after 2000. The negative is a bit smaller but still between two and a half and three times larger than 35mm. There's even a brand new one on ebay from Japan.
  5. Keep in mind that no film back can be limiting but then it's 15 shots. Not sure the onboard meter is much of an advantage vis-a-vis a handheld spot/incident meter.

    I would recommend tracking down the E-specific handgrip+winder. Unless you shoot exclusively on a tripod, the Mamiya 645 cameras are ergonomic headaches. They're great handheld and sooo much easier with the grip. Otherwise, you'll find yourself wasting shots by accidentally hitting the shutter button flipping from landscape to portrait.
  6. Would $1400 be too ridiculously high a price for a brand new in box 645e? I like new things.
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  7. I have not found the need or desire to own a 645. I either shoot 6X7 on the RB or 6X6 with either my Bronica SQA or Mamiya C33.. 6X6 is not just square but is meant to facilitate cropping meaning you have square landscape and portrait in the same shot. Granted you loose 3 shots over 645 but there is no need to tilt the camera. Have a look at the Bronica SQA GREAT CAMERA..Not my favourite due to my age related dislike of electronic cameras tho I do own 3 the Bronnie a Canon F1 New and a Canon A1. The Bronica is very similar to a Hasselblad in layout (Poor mans Hasselblad) and extremly versatile having a great choice of backs lenses and finders. Only gripes electronics and no cold shoe. Do not rule the SQA out.
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  8. Seems a bit steep since they went new for around US$800 as a kit with the 80/2.8. They are somewhat plasticky. Chinese-made, too.

    Did you ever look at the Pentax 645 system?
  9. .Not my favourite due to my age related dislike of electronic cameras THIS FROM THE PERSON WHO FITTED FULL ENGINE MANAGEMENT TO HIS 1971 CAR
  10. Not my favourite due to my age related dislike of electronic cameras THIS FROM THE PERSON WHO FITTED AND PROGRAMMED A FULL ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TO HIS 1971 CAR.
  11. OOOPS SORRY duplicate post Electronic whizkid NOT

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