Mamiya RB67 Light Leaks

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  1. Hello, I'm new to this website, and made an account just to post this thread.

    I recently picked up a Mamiya RB67 on ebay in pretty great condition, for a decent price. I've shot 1 roll through it and there seems to be pretty profound light leaks on my film, but only show up on some of my shots, not all of them

    I've read through a ton of forum posts and nothing seems to help. I've checked the bellows, clean. I've checked the film back with a flashlight, clean. My only assumptions is that the seals aren't good anymore.

    Any help is much appreciated

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  2. if you show scans of the film including the rebate (non image area)
  3. likely to be foam seals in the film magazine. (but there are others - and they all deteriorate with age). Have they gone oily and sticky? If you can process your own black and white film investigating light leaks will be much quicker.
  4. Just Google "Mamiya RB67 light seals." Seem to be several DIY video and static pages that walk you thru a re-seal job. I've done several on RB67 Pro S bodies and multiple backs and didn't find it to be especially challenging. Adhesive-backed craft store sheet foam works well for the film back shell and film holder as well as the RB surface that contacts the back. The culprit is often a decayed(or absent)seal at hinge on the outer shell that encloses the film holder. The fiddly seals in the channels around the perimeter are rarely leak sources since they form a light baffle--with or without a seal in place. Look at the film path and take note the leak position on the neg. I'd recommend staying out of the camera body. Try the easier spots first and run another roll. I've never bothered with seal kits since any leaks I've encountered were traceable to the spots described above.
  5. Thank you. I bought a light seal kit online and waiting for it to arrive. Will let you guys know if changing them does nothing to help
  6. This suggestion must have been posted thousands of times in thousands of camera repair threads since the dawn of forums (I've posted it myself). But it should be noted, this stuff isn't always so easy to find the day you need it. Almost every craft store I've walked into in recent years, including the Michael's chain, has nothing like this anywhere on their shelves. And if I ask a clerk, they usually react as if I'd asked them for a haircut: like I'm out of my mind to even think they would stock such an item.

    Just sayin: there's a reason those overpriced pre-cut seal kits sell so well on eBay.
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  7. Fact-free. Bought a couple sheets—in two thicknesses even—along with adhesive-backed felt at a Michael’s in a Toronto ‘burb last month.They had piles of the stuff. Standard kids’ craft stock in my hood. Walmart likely carries it, too.

    IMHO, kits are pricey and often encourage replacement of seals in parts of cameras DIY surgeons should avoid.YMMV, as always.
  8. Resist your urge to snark. If you say its falling out of the trees in Toronto, I'm certainly not gonna snap back and imply you're lying, because why would you lie? Why would I? All I can tell you is "good luck" where I live in New York City: the "craft stores" here, including Michael's, only stock decorative glitzy pixie dust: ask for anything practical beyond a glue gun, they never heard of it. By the time I ever find it locally, I can have a sheet delivered from a web source.

    That I can agree with 100%. But some folks have no other immediate option, or aren't sure they can cut the strips well themselves.
  9. I too suffered from light leak cancer. All RB users suffer at some point. All came from the magazines and the rotating magazine mount at more than one point. I re-sealed four of the seven rotating backs where it meets the camera body and one where it meets the magazine. I used adhesive foam I got from a mom-and pop fabric store in Mexighanistan. The Narcos put them out of business 3 years ago, sad to say. I ruled out areas by using gaffers tape. One of the reasons I only buy and use the Pro SD magazines. I use my RBs a lot. I also rotate my gear. They're sometimes difficult to obtain in the US in great condition. I've bought about two dozen 120 6X7 and four 645 magazines from Ebay sellers in Japan. I also have four 220 6X8 magazines that have been converted to use 35mm film. I still have tons of non-perforated Plus-x and Tri-X film in my freezers. All have been in perfect condition. Three of my five RB cameras are Pro-SD bodies I purchased in Japan. All in mint condition. All was purchased during the Great Film Dump for Digital of 2004-6.
  10. Don't forget home improvement stores if Michael's or Hobby Lobby don't have the self adhesive foam. Look in the aisle where they have door and window seals. You may have to trim them with a razor knife, scissor or blade but they have the stuff too.
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