Mamiya RB 67 Pro SD Issue

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by nateseff, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Have you tried wrapping opaque tape around the RB adapter on the back and shooting another roll as a test?
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  2. ...these back aren't easy to load wrongly- you've got images and they aren't overlapping - you've loaded it correctly. A frame without an image would be good to see - with and without a the dark slide in position. Aren't you close to any other PN members who could help with brief equipment loan/ testing?
  3. . Exactly. Wrap it, shoot a roll and if the problem is still there, send it back for a refund. If not. tell the seller you want $100 to split the cost of the repair with him. Go your separate ways.
  4. Remove the rotating adapter, and post careful photos of both sides of the revolving adapter, and the rear of the body.
  5. Here are some pictures of the rotating adapter.




  6. Back of camera

  7. The moment we've all been waiting for

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  8. Put em up earlier and just shot another roll with some tape around the back. We’ll see if that does anything.
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  9. ..the revolving backs looks OK - or at least the seals do. Not sure the rear body baffle plate - is the bottom 'cut away' - I'll take check mine. What about trying to view the image in the film plane? Put some frosted glass there and a dark cloth over the camera? Is light creeping around the mirror's baffle plate?
  10. UPDATE: I just received my roll back from having the tape around the back (not the best tape-job, but results came out clean!). Now it looks like I'm gonna have to shoot half the roll with tape and half without, to make sure it wasnt just a loading mistake. Here's a couple from that roll (did not change orientation as well, since it was taped I could not rotate it. Everything was shot portrait-wise).


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  11. Nice images.

    The seals on the rotating adapter look good as mentioned above. Seeming like a film loading/back closing situation. Take care that both (2) latches are securely latched after you close the door, after loading the film.

    The light leak is emanating from the top of the camera, or film back, in the image of the negative strip.
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  12. ...I think incorrect loading would primarily effect the start of the film - and that's not happening. Latching - maybe. I think I'd be inclined to test light tightness around the back and revolving adaptor without taking a photo. Load film and leave the camera in strong sunlight for a while. Advance the frame, remove the dark slide and repeat. Obviously don't tape the back. You're making some progress and that's good.
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  13. Someone pointed out that if the back is ever so slightly wobbly (and it is, EVER so slightly), that it may be the latches securing the film back may have been slightly bent somehow. They said that I could take that part off and hammer the part flat, but they look slightly bent on each one so I'm not entirely sure if they should look like that or not. Does anyone else have a back that wobbles a bit? It's just not 1000000% secure, but the wobble isn't bad. It just rocks less than a mm back and forth, if that. If someone could post a pic of the metal latches that attach the back, that would be awesome!
  14. ...nothing should be wobbly, not the back nor any part of the revolving adaptor. The latches on yours looks OK, here's mine for comparison. _O122926.jpg You shouldn't need to hammer anything.
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  15. Did you check the bellows for pinholes?

    And was the sun out while you were carrying the camera around?
  16. Thanks for sending. So yes it wobbles EVER so slightly. Like definitely to the point where you wouldn't think it's letting in anything - that being said, I'm shooting half taped and half without to see if it is indeed because of that. Will post when I get the film back.
  17. Yes and didnt see any from what I could immediately tell. The sun was definitely out but it wasn't too strong, I think it was just enough to creep into the back though if that's what it is.
  18. OK. The tracks go outside the frame area, so it's either a leak from the camera back, or into loosely spooled film outside of the camera.

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