Mamiya Press lens repair

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by joshua daniels, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. I was hoping someone could direct me to a reputable / reliable repair person or
    facility that might help repair a minor problem with a 100/3.5 Mamiya lens on
    my Mamiya Press camera. The lens seems to have some grit or sand in the
    focusing helical and needs to be disassembled, cleaned, and regreased. I
    realize that any number of shops might do this, but I would prefer working with
    someone who knows these cameras and lenses. Suggestions appreciated!

    These people have done CLA's on my 150/5.6 and 50/6.3. For my taste the helicoid
    grease they put in the 150 was way too stiff, but the work was otherwise competent.

    They also repaired a damaged rangefinder coupling adjust screw in my 100/2.8, but that's
    more of a mixed experience--the repair worked well for about 3 years, but eventually
    failed catastrophicly, causing irreperable damage to the brass attachment on the helicoid
    that the adjuster screw rides on.

    Really, these lenses aren't rocket science, I was able to break down the 150 and relube the
    too-tight helicoid myself. It's not like you have a lot to lose, used 100's are hardly more
    than the price of a CLA. Note that there is a specific lube for helicoids, motor oil and
    Vaseline are not substitutes :)
  3. I've used Paul Ebel in Wisconsin: 651-335-8759
  4. It may be dried grease in there. My 100/3.5 got a gritty bound up feeling (I hate that!) one day for no known reason. I tried a squirt of solvent (umm, lighter fluid) and it has been fine for several months. I have no idea if this could do harm to the lens (maybe some little plastic bit is hidden in there...)
  5. Thanks for the responses. Very helpful!

  6. I've had the Seiko shutters from my Mamiya Super 23 serviced at Advance Camera in Beaverton Oregon (503-292-7298) with wonderful results. My F2.8 100mm and the F3.5 100mm lenses work flawlessly now. They also do a great job on the old Compur dial set and rim set shutters as well.

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